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NMRAA 2024 Kicks Off in Camiguin, Showcasing Regional Talent and Unity

By: James Murillo Elaco

CAMIGUIN – The Northern Mindanao Regional Athletic Association (NMRAA) 2024 officially opened in Camiguin on May 13, 2024, marking a significant event for the region. This year’s NMRAA provides a platform for 5,322 young athletes to showcase their talents across a variety of sports. The event promises to be both competitive and memorable.

Niño Nikko Bersano, UP Maroons Outside Hitter, joins his team in lighting the Urn of Unity and Peace at NMRAA 2024.

During the opening ceremony, Assistant Secretary for Field Operations at the DepEd Central Office, Francis Cesar B. Bringas, addressed the participants. He highlighted the unique charm of the host location, Camiguin, stating, “This Island Games in Camiguin is going to be memorable for all of you because I know that Camiguin has provided you the best accommodations and the most hospitable way of welcoming and entertaining its visitors in the island.” His words set the tone for the event, emphasizing both the excellence of the athletes and the warmth of the host community. Bringas encouraged the athletes, “You have to do your best and you have to represent your region well in the Palaro. You may not be representing your region alone, but you will be representing your divisions, your provinces or cities, and most especially, you will be representing the best of yourself.”

Young athletes showcase their talents at the Northern Mindanao Regional Athletic Association (NMRAA) 2024, held at the Cong. PPR Sports Complex in Camiguin.

Among the athletes, Nikki Pareja from St. Mary School in Cagayan de Oro stood out. As a Taekwondo participant, Pareja expressed her excitement, saying, “I am very happy that I made it to NMRAA 2024. I am very ready to participate, especially because I represented my school and my town.” Pareja’s enthusiasm is a testament to the dedication and hard work of all the athletes present. She also offered advice to aspiring athletes, “Just keep pursuing your dreams especially in Taekwondo. Don’t stop practicing and you will reach your goal and you will be able to represent not only your region but also the entire Philippines.”

Assistant Secretary Francis Cesar B. Bringas addresses NMRAA 2024 participants, praising Camiguin’s hospitality and urging athletes to give their best and represent their communities with pride

The spirit of the event was further captured by Camiguin Governor Xavier Jesus D. Romualdo. In his speech, he encouraged everyone to embrace the camaraderie that sports bring, saying, “Let us embrace the spirit of camaraderie, let’s cheer for each other’s successes and inspire each other to reach new heights.” His words resonated with the essence of NMRAA, promoting unity and mutual support among participants.

The event also included the symbolic passing of the torch to the next host of NMRAA. Misamis Occidental will take on the responsibility of hosting the 2025 NMRAA. Governor Henry Oaminal of Misamis Occidental expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “We are more than delighted and honored to accept the hosting of the 2025 Northern Mindanao Regional Athletic Association Meet or the 2025 Palarong Pampook.” This announcement added an element of anticipation for the future, ensuring that the spirit of NMRAA continues to thrive.

Iligan and Bukidnon Teakwondo teams kick off NMRAA 2024 at Balingoan Gym, Camiguin

It’s not only the NMRAA 2024 that is about sporting events, but it also serves as an episode to show regional pride and unity. Athletic individuals such as Nikki Pareja personify the commitment and zeal that drive the competition, while Assistant Secretary Bringas and Governor Romualdo among others provide direction and motivation required for it to be remembered. After Misamis Occidental receives the torch, the NMRAA will remain a legacy promising even more chances for young talents to shine in competitive sport and for better community relations.

Camiguin Governor Xavier Jesus D. Romualdo inspires NMRAA 2024 participants to embrace camaraderie and cheer for each other’s successes.

Taekwondo participant Nikki Pareja from St. Mary School in Cagayan de Oro expresses excitement at NMRAA 2024, highlighting her dedication and encouraging aspiring athletes to pursue their dreams.

The NMRAA 2024 gives testimony to how sports can bring people together; highlight individual talent; create a sense of regional pride. It is not just about athletic prowess on display but also camaraderie that binds northerners from Mindanao region where Camiguin has provided an outstanding host experience. This therefore means that with enthusiasm and dedication of all involved, there is indeed a bright future of regional athletics in Northern Mindanao as we look forward to NMRAA 2025 in Misamis Occidental. (JME/MFD/OB)


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