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Nine residents in Pinikitan now experiencing flu-like symptoms, says city epidemiologist


* Report says they are quarantined only in their homes


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – NINE residents in sitio Pinikitan, Brgy Camaman-an are now experiencing influenza-like illness and they are only confined in their homes, according to City Epidemiologist Joselito Retuya. Retuya added that the nine persons do not possess any more unusual symptoms. However, he said, they are intensely monitored by the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERTs) of Barangay Camaman-an.

The CITY Health Office has also clarified that the "Pinikitan" victim is NOT A COGON VENDOR. He has his own sari-sari store.

POLYMEDIC General Hospital Velez Branch workers who had close contact with the "Pinikitan" victim have started their 14-day quarantine AS EARLY AS APRIL 13 the moment the patient was discharged, according to city epidemiologist Retuya.

Menwhile, two new patients are admitted at NMMC, according to hospital chief Jose Chan. One is from Barangay Canitoan and the other is from El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental.

As a precautionary measure, contact tracing is now being initiated considering that both are considered suspect cases, according to DOH classification.


Meanwhile, below are the chronicle of events of the city's second recorded covid-19 confirmed positive patient who died on April 18.

April 11 – The 69-year-old "Pinikitan" victim went to Sabal Hospital for a consultation. He told attending physician that he has joint pains. The doctor then gave him prescription drugs.

April 13-15 – The "Pinikitan" covid-19 positive was admitted at Polymedic General Hospital, Velez Branch in Cagayan de Oro, for fever and flu. He also complained he has shortness of breath.

April 15 – The "Pinikitan" victim was transferred to Northern Mindanao Medical Center for still unknown reasons of his transfer. He was already categorized as Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SARI) As a result, City Health Office – Health Emergency Management Services immediately conducted contact tracing.

Those identified are immediately ordered to undergo home quarantine with close monitoring from BHERT people.

April 17 – The "Pinikitan" victim was taken a swab sample and it was immediately sent to Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City.

April 18 – The "Pinikitan" victim died at around 1:17 am. The dead body was then immediately processed by the LGU-CDO incharge such as the Management of the Dead Cluster under the covid-19 emergency operation center.

The cadaver was put under a tightly sealed body bag, dis-infected, brought to partner funeral parlor, placed him at the casket and immediately buried at around 11:30 am at Bolonsiri Cemetery. There was no embalming done and no wake, contrary to fake news report.

April 23 – The test result arrived from Davao and confirmed the "Pinikitan" victim as covid-19 positive. The City Isolation Unit immediately quarantined those close contacts of the victms, though they have no flu-like symptoms yet of the deadly virus.

The CHO-HEMS have now widened its contact tracing to identify those who have close contacts with the victim and those vendors at Cogon Market that he was reportedly buying some items.

Meanwhile, the group of Dr Retuya, composed of community development volunteers, barangay health workers and barangay health nutrition scholars, are now conducting house to house surveillance and investigations. 

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