Killer virus covid-19 kills  2.6 million people worldwide

March 17, 2021


THE KILLER VIRUS Covid-19 has claimed 2,662,995 deaths around the world, according to a report released online by Johns Hopkins University.

It also revealed that more deaths were recorded from the United States, numbering about 535,657 lives and counting.

There were also 120,338,070 total number of persons who were confirmed positive from the corona virus disease which originated from Wuhan, China last December 2019. Of those total number of positive cases, based on Johns Hopkins University record, 29,496,141 were from the United States.  

Although the total number of positive cases in the United States has already dropped and the new administration of President Joe Biden has made pronouncements, more funds will be alloted by his government to fight against the onlaught of the 'killer virus,' since it wrecked havoc in December 2019.


AS of March 16, 2021, JHU reports the rising number of covid cases in the U.S. as well as in other countries of the world brought about by the newly reported covid-19 mutation.

In the U.S. alone, a total of 56,649 new cases have been recorded with 740 deaths. Based on the report gathered by MDNN Research Team, new cases in America were recorded in New York, 7,119; Alabama,4,556; Texas, 4,352; Michigan, 3,328; and North Carolina, 3,503.

In some countries, the rise of new positive cases as of March 16 is also recorded : Brazil, 36,239; India, 24,492; Turkey, 15,503; Italy, 15,252; Czechia, 3,342; Poland, 10,895; Russia, 9,347; Germany, 6,543; Iran, 7,980; Ukraine, 6,882; Hungary, 7,706; Jordan, 9,417; Argentina, 6,164; Peru, 4,443; United Kingdom, 5,130; Netherlands, 5,526; Indonesia, 5,589 and Mexico 1,439 new positive cases.     



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