DA-PCC celebrates WFD

By pia
October 14, 2020


The Department of Agriculture - Philippine Carabao Centet (DA-PCC) participated in the opening ceremony of the World Food Day (WFD) with the theme “Grow, Nourish, Sustain, Together” on October 12.

DA-PCC Deputy Executive Director Dr. Caro Salces substantiated the theme in his opening remarks by giving his own meaning of the acronym TEAM.

“The TEAM stands for Transform, Envision, Align, and Make it happen. We need these to grow, nourish, and sustain the carabao industry together,” he said.

Meanwhile, DA-PCC Officer-in-Charge Executive Director Dr. Claro Mingala related the mandate of the agency to the acronym FOOD, which means Factual, Objective, Organized, and Development-driven.

“Let’s all be happy working together not only for the agency but also for the farming communities. We should all be one in pursuing DA-PCC’s mandate and objectives to better serve our farmer-clients,” he said.

DA-PCC Division Chiefs Dr. Eric Palacpac, Dr. Eufrocina Atabay, Minda Diloy, and Aimee Fulgencio also gave updates on the activities and accomplishments of their respective divisions.

WFD is a global day of action that focuses on food security, which is celebrated annually on October 16 worldwide. (MCI/DA-PCC)




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