Oro dads pass anti-patient’s dishonesty law of 2020

By CRIS DIAZ, Mindanao Daily News Online
March 25, 2020


CAGAYAN de Oro City--The City Council of Cagayan de Oro approved an ordinance that would punish patients who tell lies to the attending health personnel in times of state-declared health emergency.

Known as the “Anti-Patient’s Dishonesty Law of 2020,” the ordinance penalizes a dishonest patient of a one-year imprisonment or a fine of not less than P1,000 but not more than P5,000.

The local legislators approved the ordinance to “protect health workers, quarantine officers, other front liners and the general public from patients who put others at risk by being dishonest about their travel history and symptoms.

The ordinance also provides that any person who are required to accomplish information sheet, data form, declaration or any similar document, shall state the truth and disclose all relevant information as may be required or may be asked by the health personnel such as but not limited to nurse, physician or their assistants.

Those found to have knowingly and deliberately lie, committed dishonesty and/or withheld relevant information shall be meted the penalty of imprisonment and fine.



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