MG Philippines Implements Safety and Hygiene Protocols in Dealerships Nationwide

June 13, 2020


The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI) — MG Philippines — In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, MG Philippines has taken special action to place the safety of its clients at the forefront of the business. More stringent safety protocols involving unit disinfection and sanitization have been put in place with regards to the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of each brand new MG unit, while MG dealerships nationwide heighten the levels of their existing safety and hygiene practices. During PDI, each brand new MG unit will undergo a disinfection treatment system, where an atomized anti-bacterial solution fumigates and deeply penetrates areas of the car’s cabin such as the ventilation system, carpets, cushions, and beddings to kill bacteria in hard to reach places. It will also target, in particular, the air conditioning system of each car, removing bacteria, spores, mold, and micro-organisms. This treatment offers non-toxic, long-term protection against the regeneration of germs and microbes. Existing MG clients may likewise bring their already-purchased MG units to select dealerships nationwide to avail of these services for a minimal fee.

Aside from the disinfection of MG units, each MG dealership in the Philippines heightened its existing hygiene and sanitization protocols. This will lessen the chances of dealership structures—including the showroom floor, service bays, and admin offices—being affected by viral traces, bacteria, and contaminants. MG dealership personnel have also been fully briefed on the do’s and don’ts with regard to stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus and will put these into practice when while dealing with clients and among themselves at the workplace, and also in their homes with their families. The following enhanced safety measures are progressively put in place at MG Philippine dealerships nationwide:

*Foot pad disinfectants at showroom main entrance and service workshop entrance

*Hand sanitizer dispensers available around the showroom floor and in the admin offices

*Body temperature scanning for all who enter the dealership premises

*Scheduled vehicle and parts delivery (with disinfection)

*Appointment-based service transactions

*Sanitized consultation areas for clients

*Scheduled daily and weekly sanitization of all areas in dealership facility

These dealerships strictly follow the new health guidelines enumerated above, while also encouraging social distancing and limiting the number of clients and vehicles being serviced each day. Each dealership also encourages clients to call ahead or use the My MG mobile app to schedule an appointment before making a visit, as this will ensure that the needs of each client are fulfilled while adhering to the recommendation to practice safe social distancing and limiting the amount of people in the dealership at any given time. “In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is our duty to provide solutions that safeguard our clients and all who work in our dealerships, our warehouses, and everyone else affiliated with the MG brand,” says Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla, President and CEO of MG Philippines. “We are also focused on delivering each brand new MG with the assurance that these vehicles are thoroughly sanitized and will not pose a health risk to anyone who rides in them.”

MG Philippines’ aftersales complements also address the need for social distancing and limiting interaction with crowds. The Mobile Garage service sends a certified MG technician to addresses any major technical and mechanical issues you may have with your MG. The My MG App, on the other hand, allows you to schedule a PMS from your smartphone, saving you trips to and from the dealership. The My MG App also allows you to check parts and make reservations for these, and allows you to locate the dealership nearest to you using your smartphone’s built-in GPS. You can also talk to one of our capable operators through the 24/7 MG Hotline (+632-5328-4664) and make inquiries about MG products, promos, and sales, and also schedule aftersales services. MG Philippines encourages everyone to engage in pro-active health and hygiene practices, especially with regard to their cars. Left unchecked, cars can become a breeding ground for disease. Simple things like regularly wiping down high-contact areas like your steering wheel, doors, and dashboard; regularly changing your air filter (or hosing it down if you have a washable type); and disinfecting your seats will go a long way in the fight against the spread of germs and bacteria.



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