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Negotiations Feng Shui

Negotiations are often taken for granted unless it’s KFR or kidnap for ransom!
First be clear on what you want to negotiate in all it’s dimensions! Define your bottomline negotiation goal(s).
Then ensure proper chi or life energies to negotiate successfully by fine tuning your Feng Shui wifi signals so to speak at home and at work! Not just one but both.
Only then are you prepared for successful negotiations. Only then can techniques and tactics using Feng Shui enhancers work like cellphone apps!
Shall I continue? Here are some negotips!
* Know yourself, know your nego counterpart via Feng Shui sign compatibility analysis. If not compatible with you use a compatible go-between represtative or proxy negotiator instead. If it’s not possible to use a proxy, wear arowana ring!
* Wear your lucky Feng Shui colors during negotiations. Avoid unlucky ones even underwear!
* Remember to always stay to the left of whom you are negotiating with. This is the Dragon side or place of superiority so that you gain the upper hand in negotiations and achieve superior results.
Learn from these extreme negotiations tactics:
* Case 1. Nego with the Power That Be
A Taipan approached a former president to protect his airline from new competitor entrants to the country. Using middleman, the mistress, he was able to meet the principal in her home to negotiate. Whereupon, at onset he stated his purpose asking for help and giving a red ampao envelope to the mistress which she peeked into and handed to the boss. Boss peeked into envelope like a poker player looking at his card clandestinely! And smiled at the Taipan saying, we are friends, you’ve helped me, I will help you in this and no need for this! Returning the envelope to the sighs of the mistress! The envelope contained a signed blank check. And so, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests govern any negotiations!

Case 2. Outpricing 
A national candidate engaged an operator for elections. Trusting of his wife he let her negotiate with operator. Wife gave operator 1O million pesos and demanded results in two weeks! Operator accepted given no choice and afterwards met and told his team: this is a price signalling we are unwanted! Let’s switch camps ASAP. The rest was PET history.
For want of a nail as in horsehoes, many battles in the past failed. So with negotiations!
Wine, women and song are weaponized in negotiations. Just beware of doing an America in Vietnam lest you lose! What’s that?
Invade now, negotiate later!
Wishing you all the best in being an excellent not just good negotiator. In Feng Shui, remember every man or woman has a price no matter what. The ultimate challenge is to find what it is and of course, pay it! Good luck!


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