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Are all terms in the right order? In logical sequence? For some of you, my dear readers, they must have passed out by a dozen. 

Honestly, writing about political topics is really tiring me. Especially now and today. While writing this piece, I am getting tons of political news.Yes, I am very well understanding everything. But why do I choose “Music, Christmas and God”? Again, the right (or wrong?) order doesn’t matter. Really!

Christmas is just around the corner. Almost.  I become very thoughtful and melancholy during the season. That’s okay. Maybe also you. I try to delete topics such as war, corruption, killing, pandemic,natural disasters et cetera et cetera pp. I even try to delete them here in my opinion. I try to look forward to Christmas with a happy heart.

Christmas is just around the corner. God is with me daily. He is my companion during every second of my life. And, what has this to do with music?

Music has been my second life companion for many years. I remember the day my parents first lugged the heavy accordion up our front stoop, taxing the small frame. They gathered me in the living room and opened the case  as if it were a treasure chest. And guys, it really was. And, it was several days BEFORE Christmas. 

“Here it is,” my parents said. “Once you learn to play it, it will be with you for life!” Thank God, it is. Believe it – up to now. Here in my house in Davao City. My very first instrument… .

Anyway, back to the past: if my thin smile didn’t match my parents’ full-fledged grin, it was because I prayed for a piano! It was at the end of the 1950s, and I was glued to my AM- and ShortWave Radio Stations, playing classical music 24/7. Accordions were nowhere in my hit parade – even later during the 1960s and 1970s… .

Sometime on a Sunday, one of my favourite days till now, I started taping radio shows with classical music. It seemed that I was hanging on every note. I joined the college band. But I admired classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart, just to mention two. I never became perfect in my piano play to coax sweet sounds. I also admire people who can do so. But I developed a passion for music.

Music, God – and, yes: Merry Christmas to all of you – also from this corner, even there are still some more days…. .


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