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Much to be desired

Evaluating their answer to posited questions during the CNN Philippines forum for
senatorial wannabes last Sunday, one can deduce that the seven aspirants present either
don’t have a clear grasp of the problem they were asked to give their solution to or the time
given for their answer is too short for an intelligent one.

Let’s tackle first the second probability. This is the problem with foras like this one.
Time is always the enemy of the speakers. And television, we should remember, is a very
cruel medium where one can freely and voluntarily self-destruct.

And as far as the audience is concerned, live and television, they will not have the
chance to digest and appreciate abbreviated answers put forth by the senatorial wannabes.
Thus it is unfair to the speakers, the senatorial aspirants, and to the audience because it just
leave them with so much to be desired.

Sunday’s senatorial forum, as far as this columnist is concerned, did not achieve
substantial grounds for both the aspirants and the listeners. The aspirants failed to prove
they have the understanding thus a well-founded solution to the problems presented. The
listeners could not reach an intelligent conclusion as to who among the aspirants deserve
their vote come this year’s midterm elections.

If Sunday’s forum is contrasted with CNN International’s US presidential forum
Tuesday, this week, where only one aspirant was featured during the hour-long event, it’s a
no-brainier that one can easily find the latter more enlightening.

Democratic presidential aspirant Sen. Kamala Harris had all the time to give her
answers to questions posited to her thus enabling the audience to digest the depth of her
understanding of the problems embedded in the questions. And her solutions were well

It is hoped CNN Philippines will try to give more sense to their senatorial forum by
not packing them with aspirants who hardly have the time to answer the questions asked of

But not being able to give intelligent answers or solutions to the questions asked or
problems posed is definitely not an excuse. Personally, we were dismayed by the answers
given to the questions asked or problems presented. All aspirants present simply gave out
motherhood statements that did not resolve anything.

I expected short yet comprehensive answers or solutions given the time constraint.
For example, I expected that the answer to the question about agriculture will at least touch
on how they will propose to overhaul the current erroneous policies on agriculture the latter
being the source of raw materials for our industries and the only economic sector that can
ensure food security for the citizens of this country.

Sadly, no one did.

Instead of clarifying how they can propose to ease the burgeoning traffic problem in
Metro Manila and in other urban centers in the country, the common solution put forth did
not touch on transforming the entirety of the country’s public transport system and not just
reform it much more by simply transferring the problem to other places of the country.

If the depth of our senatorial wannabes understanding of the multifarious problems
gripping the country is suspect, I could imagine that of those aspiring to represent their
congressional districts in the House of Representatives. No wonder the lower chamber could
pass a bill lowering the age of criminal responsibility that totally runs counter to an existing
law they have passed.

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