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MSU-Gensan holds solidarity, peace rally to pay tribute to victims of MSU-Marawi Gym bombing


MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY- GENERAL SANTOS (MSU-GENSAN) Chancellor JD Usman D. Aragasi spearheaded a solemn gathering dubbed as “Solidarity for Peace”attended by the University officials composed of its officials, faculty, students and staff including invited guests which the event served to pay a tribute to the somber incident that occurred at the MSU-Marawi Gymnasium , Barangay Dimalna, Marawi City last Sunday ,during Catholic Mass on December 3, that killed 4 persons, injuring more or less 40 innocent persons, top officials said.

The event was held at MSU General Santos University Centennial Lane. gathered on December 7. Chancellor Aragasi delivered an empowering message of hope urging everyone to actively contribute to the pursuit of peace and to refrain from actions that could disrupt the harmony of the communities. Emphasizing cooperation, he underscored the importance of viewing MSU as a crucial institution dedicated to promoting peace and contributing to the betterment of the community.

Furthermore, Dr. Mario J. Aguja, the Director of the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM), expressed words of solidarity and sought to mend the wounds of a community torn apart by senseless violence. He underscored the gathering as a means to denounce the tragic incident at MSU-Marawi campus, honoring the victims and uniting in sympathy with the families who lost their loved ones. Dr. Aguja further highlighted the collective effort to combat all forms of violence, encouraging victims not to be intimidated and to persist in demonstrating unity through simple gestures.

“Sa gitna ng dilim at karahasan, patuloy tayo sa ating pagkilos para sa kapayapaan, para sa pagkakaroon ng isang makatarungan at makataong lipunan. Ipakita nating tayo ay hindi natatakot. Ipakita nating tayo’y hindi napapagod. Sabi nga nila, the only way to peace is peace,” Dr. Aguja remarked.

In the wake of the ceremony, MSU-GenSan stands as a pillar of strength together with all the campuses of the MSU-System. Together, the MSU System stands united not only in grief but also in an unwavering commitment to peace, justice, and unity. The echoes and wounds of the devastation may linger, but through shared determination, the MSU community strives to forge a path towards healing and renewal, Dr. Aguja added.

.Chancellor Aragasin further emphasized in his closing remarks that this event is one of the University’s activities in support of continuously advocating peace in all the Mindanaoans. A program also in support and sympathy to the victims of the bombing in MSU MARAWI GYMNASIUM. University constituents and stakeholders condemned the very perpetrators of the crime, a serious crime committed against civilians and students while performing their religious obligations. “There is no way to achieve Peace except through PEACE”. MSU GENSAN will not be deterred by those spoilers of peace, until MSU SYSTEM will be declared as National Peace University.

It is also our own way of calling everyone not to succumb to these anti-peace actions. We will just instead be strong, one and solid in the pursuit of promoting peace and tranquility between and among the TRI-PEOPLE comprising the University stakeholders. The bombing gives us reminders to revisit and recalibrate our efforts in the teaching of “fundamentals of peace “ across the curriculum of all the degree programs of the university, Chancellor Aragasi added.

PHOTO CAPTION: MSU-General Santos Chancellor ID Usman D. Aragasi delivered his speech during the Solidarity for Peace. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO


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