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More harm than good

THIS is not to paint a grim scenario, nor a scare crow out to drive away political predators in our midst.

This is all about a pretense in the remaining two and a half years of President Duterte in Malacanang.

And if  President Duterte  is forcibly removed this early, or killed in an instant, it will be a disaster  no end.

In other words, the exit of the President this early will do more harm than good.

Maybe, first to go into uprising are the people of Mindanao. Perhaps a revival of pocket rebellion will take place in many Muslim-dominated areas.

Mindanao will likely secede from the rest of the country, and all peace negotiations, including the recent forging of the Bangsamoro autonomy  and communist insurgency will collapse and everything  will down the drain.

The rest of the country particularly Luzon will go into political shambles and  will likely experience a serious political crisis.

Now, would it be okay if President Duterte, in his own volation,  will step down because of exhaustion and leave the country in complete  disarray? (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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