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Mindanao Daily’s journey to excellence

Because they change things.  They push the human race forward. While some may see them as crazy ones, we see genius – Steve Jobs

TODAY,  we celebrate the 8th founding anniversary of Mindanao Daily, the region’s  development-driven newspaper with circulation reaching out far and wide — in key urban centers of the island.
The Mindanao Daily has gone too far indeed with digital innovations piercing  into the very nerve of Mindanao’s leading newspaper. 
The paper  is now visible as well in the pages of social media with its new website www.mindanaodailynews.com , developed not only to enhance further its readership,  but to establish its foothold in the world of digital media. 
Copies of Mindanao Daily, with its new front page layout format  has been hitting the streets on a  crisp look —  crystal clear clean pages,  courtesy of the newly-acquired state-of-the art  CTP or Computer To Printer digital printing machine.
One of its kind in the region,  CTP is today’s  answer to high-end quality printing. This wonder machine is time and cost-efficient  unlike the traditional and outdated   negative process of printing.
The new face of Mindanao Daily and the rest of its sister publications  is in  respond to the needs of how a printed newspaper with great journalistic tradition would appear as it were.  
It has to nail down a brand that is equal to none for excellence.  
For its role in nation-building,  Mindanao Daily Group of Publications has to  adapt to the digital revolution now moving so fast in this age of high tech gadgets.
The new twist in printing quality newspapers is  aimed at  engaging readers with  contents designed not  just for  consumption, but for the fulfilling experience like no other. 
A redesign project of this magnitude is unprecedented in this era of change. It is not just mere changing fonts or layout, but for achieving reader-friendly publications.
It required adjusting processes, IT infrastructure, re-bridging story philosophy, skills upgrade of personnel and training  to look at news differently as a multiplatform experience.
Readers now get what constitutes a new regional newspaper.  It is not just the design that has changed, but also the approach to storytelling,  basically aligned to the needs of the changing digital landscape.  
Indeed, time has changed. Today’s newspapers, be it tabloid or broadsheet, uses the latest in digital technology and it seems there is no end in the innovation of things.              
To go digital  means embracing change, and many don’t like change. But why are some people don’t like change? The answer to that maybe is the  breaking away from the status quo, which is basically a hard thing to do. 
Digital transformation is harder than we think, but it can be done.  Where ever we go today, we see people, using digital innovations.
Digital has already transformed from the dial-up days to instant communication these days over Facebook, tweets and text messages. 
Newspaper like the Mindanao Daily and its sister publications has to evolve to attune itself to the changing of the times. 
Because, as Steve Jobs has said, the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
Congratulations to Mindanao Daily on its 8th year of serving news that matters to all valued readers, benefactors and subscribers. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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