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MDN heightens digital innovation at 8th anniversary

With Mindanao Daily celebrating its eight year today, May 18, 2019, it’s now ready for the digital challenge of the new millennium, which includes actively involving the daily newspaper in online news reporting not only on crimes and politics but more on developments in the Island of Mindanao.
President and Publisher Dante M. Sudaria said Mindanao Daily’s digital innovation is very crucial for the paper since it started in 2010. “We need to embrace the digital challenge because we cannot compete with other newspapers and online magazines if we remain  using the traditional ways in news reporting and publication.. Although, we are still using some of the very vital basics, modern digital technology is a big help for newspaper companies in the countryside.”
Sudaria said since the entry of the worldwide web, the company has already been implementing the basics in digital publishing which is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
“In fact, since we used Facebook, we have easily captured  online readership. Right now we have more than 160,000 online subscribers and they read all the news that we offer every day especially from both breaking news and updated developments in Southern Philippines,” he said.
MD editor in chief Allan Mediante said he also welcome this development, adding that there is now a big market and readership in mobile phones. This development in the digital age, Mediante said, is a big help for many newspaper companies to maximize in order to continue competing with other papers not only in Mindanao but the national broadsheets as well.
“We feel that if we go digital like all other newspapers, there’s a big advantage that our news and developments in Mindanao will be read all over the globe. Online news reporting is a big help for regional newspapers unheard before from the countrysides,” Mediante claimed.

To maximize the preparation of Mindanao Daily into the digital world, the Publisher Dante Sudaria went to Metro Manila and met with the experts in online marketing and advertising.
Sudaria met the executives of Purple Bug Company and made a deal to supply the news content of the online version of Mindanao Daily while Purple Bug will take the lead in online advertising and promotions.
In March, two executives of Purple Bug went to Cagayan de Oro and conducted a training on how to maximize the usage of the new website which was done completely by Purple Bug. The said training and workshop was participated in by MD employees, staffs and editors.
In the same month, MD also hired the services of SEO expert and veteran journalist Joel Escol to take the lead in maximizing online presence and driving tens of thousands of daily traffic for the online edition of Mindanao Daily.    
Escol is one of the editors and SEO guy of the MD digital edition. He also writes the daily’s breaking news, trending news and entertainment news not only locally but also internationally, to cater to the needs of the news and entertainment hungry-people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SEO guy credentials
The SEO guy has been online since 2007 and he has served a lot of foreign clients from the United States, Asia and Europe with his expertise in Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
With his online expertise, Mindanao Daily News can easily land in number 1 position in search engines like Google and Yahoo. And since SEO and social media are now the best online strategies of competing newspapers and online magazines, the Publisher and President Dante Sudaria never hesitated to invest in SEO and online marketing.
“Right now we are in the level playing field with top news sources in the country. We always see to it that our news and informations are on top 5 in search engines usually populated only by Rappler, Abs Cbn digital, Inquirer, and CNN,” Sudaria happily quips.
He said before MD cannot compete with these big shots in the news and information industry because the company is not guided with the proper techniques and strategies using both social media and search engine optimization like properly identifying the keywords that could really bring considerable amount of daily traffic.
Meanwhile, Joel Escol, the SEO guy added that it’s not enough to only have a website and wait for the traffic to come in. “Like I said many times, after we have  website, we still have to optimize it, and make it search engine friendly to be able to drive traffic – and this process of optimizingi is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO,” he said.
Escol said “with the right implementation of SEO and other online marketing strategies, it is very easy to land on Top 1 in search engines like we did with Mindanao Daily,” the SEO guy pointed out.  
Aside from Escol’s expertise in online marketing which he trained with an Indian expert back in 2007 and paid $300, the SEO guy was also a veteran newspaperman. He worked as a reporter of a daily newspaper in Mindanao from 1991 and rose from the ranks as Desk Editor, Regional Editor and Entertainment Editor until the early part of 2004.

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