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Maniniyot Feng Shui

This isn’t dedicated to selfie star Senator Bong Go, but to all photographers or maniniyot as known not only in the Visayas and Mindanao but also amongst local tourists at the Luneta Park in Manila!
How to take a lucky picture. Shall I continue ?
First hold the camera if possible in your lucky direction asking the subject or angling your perspective to fit an effortless ease or hiyang photoshoot. Your lucky direction should be to your back.
Next never shoot a subject with back of subject to the North. Not that the subject will die! It subjects your camera and equipment to malfunction resulting to a wasted photograph. Remember never North rule is an epic Feng Shui rule even in homes or offices!
Never shoot a picture with a mirror as background! Especially during Ghost Month. Not that you will appear in the mirror as photobomber maniniyot or photographer but that paranormal beings may! Yes mirrors are ghost traps.
Also never shoot against the light. For obvious reasons!
But it’s true that it’s bad to shoot at three lined up subjects be animals and/or people. The urban legend is that the middle subject dies first.
Never shoot with lion, tiger or man eating cat animals as part of composition. Including car logos or fashion emblems or prints, bags inclusive. The picture can attract taking a life or death. The only exemption is photo of politician(s) like Chavit Singson with pet tiger or lion. Or President Duterte in campaign shirt with lion.
If it’s common sense not to shoot against the light, all the more in the dark! No brainier unless you use flash!
Lastly you may shoot yourself following the above Feng Shui suggestions as it is a selfie!
Alright? Ready? 1,2,3…$mile your way to Happy Go Lucky pictures!

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