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Malacanang’s whip in 2020

BECAUSE of their corporate misdeed (read: greed)  they are bound to continue to receive  a whopping whip  from Malacanang at the onset of year 2020.
The whipping order of the President was directed to the two giants of Big Business – the Ayalas and the Pangilinan Group, operators of Maynilad and Manila Water to shape up, or be shipped out.

Malacanang considers these so-called ‘high and mighty’ in business as leeches of the  economy, sipping through the very nerve of  the country’s natural resource at the people’s expense.

And because they are branded as corporate gluttons, Malacanang has classified them as siphons of the Philippine economy.

President Duterte’s continuing call to cut off onerous deals with the government seems too hot to handle and insurmountable as it were.

Yet the clean campaign against malpractices in business transactions   is without let up, primarily aimed at dissecting the social and economic malfunction called corruption in almost, if not all, instrumentalities in government transactions.

The feisty President whom he has  two and a half more years to govern, has a direct and harsh   definition of corruption: it is a social evil with immediate economic effect with long-term damage on the moral fabric of the nation.  

Having said that, the Crusade for Clean Government, a volunteer anti-corruption watchdog supports the presidential directive in the campaign against  the vultures of government resources vis-a vis water and electricity.

 President Duterte sees a mountain of onerous deals done before his time and   because these are pandemic issues, it   needs surgical operation with a sense of urgency to restore people’s trust and confidence.   

For the 74 year-old   President,  the task of  cleaning up the bureaucracy is definitely not a walk in the park.    
More so of dusting off   the country’s  vicious social evils:  drug lords, criminals roaming in the streets, rapists lurking for victims, and Big Business doing monkey business.

Duterte’s daring and most often misunderstood yet punchy statements against criminality and corruption are sweet nothings to the many, but bitter to the few who  glorify  evil and money more than  anything else.

Under the Duterte administration, fighting  corrupt practices  maybe a tall order, but it is a fight  being challenged to the fore  — a make or break kind of corrupt-busting war against misdeeds in government transactions.

Academics have said   time and again:  the reason our nation struggles from the rotten governance is simply   because of the lack of political will.   And there is no denying the fact that as a people, we   tend to be self-centered citizens  —  concerned  only for ourselves , our earnings and our businesses.  

Moral ascendancy to the life  of the people and the nation has been sidelined, in favor of  the  greed of the few, to the frustration of the many. Happy New year to one all! (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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