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Make X’mas giving easier with Cucina Higala’s Potluck Dishes

Remember when you used to look forward to preparing food for all those parties, barkada and family reunions during the Christmas holidays?

What used to be one of life’s simple pleasures to look forward to has become an increasingly stressful chore with the inevitable rise in prices of ingredients as Christmas gets closer, the gauntlet one has to go through buying all those ingredients and bringing them home to the kitchen, not to mention the LPG tank running out just when a dish is halfway cooked, or a brownout making an unwelcome appearance right about when the chicken in the microwave is done.

Cucina Higala, Mindanao’s Heritage Cuisine Restaurant, introduces its Potluck Dishes and Trays to relieve you of all that hassle.

With 17 Potluck Dishes to choose from, a potluck reunion with the clan or your high school reunion becomes a breeze. Potluck Dishes can be ordered in two sizes: Family Trays are good for 6-8 persons or Party Trays good for 12-15 persons.    

“We wish to share our Mindanao Heritage Dishes to as many people as possible and the Potluck Dishes are our contribution to making it easier for customers to prepare for simple Potluck Events or bigger gatherings,” said Mr. Jan Michael Uy, president & CEO of Cucina Higala.

Simply order the Potluck Dish of your choice, tray size and your dish is ready for pick up in as little as 20 minutes and off you go sans the hassle and stress of shopping for your ingredients, cooking and packaging your dish. To make it even easier, you can order through delivery apps like Food Panda or Streetby.

“Another feature of our Potluck Dishes is our improved packaging,” he added. “We have upgraded to hard plastic containers which have airtight lids which besides guaranteeing freshness and preventing spills, can be reused for other purposes or for reordering the customer’s next Potluck dish,” Jan adds.

The Cucina Higala Mindanao Heritage Dishes which are included in the Potluck Dishes lineup include Calamares, Fresh Lumpia, Tuna Flakes Salad, Lumpia Shanghai, Fiesta Pancit, Beef Kare-Kare, Humba de Oro, Blue Marlin Skewers, Beef Calderata, Cucina Higala Fried Chicken, Crispy Pata, Binagoonang Pork Liempo, Lengua Estofado as well as all-time favorites with a new twist like Wagyu Beef Brisket Randang, Beef Kare-Kare and Steamed Pompano.

“In choosing dishes for our Mindanao Heritage Menu, we don’t simply do our version of all time favorites,” Jan explains. “For instance, Beef Randang is a favorite in Lanao using beef or carabeef. However, we chose to bring it to the next level by using Wagyu Beef Brisket as our basic ingredient, so those familiar with the usual Randang will enjoy a new experience with a familiar dish in a new presentation.”

Besides being available during the coming Christmas season, Cucina Higala’s Potluck Dishes will also be available when the need calls for it during March graduation month, August Fiesta Month, barangay fiesta dates or family occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and passing the board exams, when the occasion calls for something extra special which can be easily ordered and picked up by the celebrants.

Cucina Higala is located at Capistrano-Mabini Sts., Cagayan De Oro City For inquiries or reservations, pls. call # +639177946118 or message them at their Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/cucinahigala/

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