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Magbuwag ta Kay

Mabuwag ta Kay, bannered by Cagayan de Oro’s very own Vines social media sensations Rowell Ucat, better known by his social media moniker Medyo Maldito, and Snake Princess (Mark Anthony Abucejo in real life) had its gala premiere last Wednesday, February 7th at the SM CDO Downtown Premier Cinema 2.

Billed as Cebu’s Social Media Sensation, M2 (as we will refer to him hereafter kay inihap baya ang pulong sa mantalaan) is nearing 2-million followers in his FB account Medyo Maldito, 558k in Twitter, and 213K in Instagram!

Known as Roy to friends (the same name of his character in MTK) M2 started posting his hugot-themed memes and quotes in Twitter but gained even more followers he started posting videos of Inday Hugot, Dodong, and Undo. For those who haven’t enjoyed them yet, there be no spoilers here! Google lang mga besh!

Besides being a social media phenom, Roy is also an award winning songwriter, with the VISPOP 2015 song “Sa Imong Heart” and the more recent “Hahasula”. He was also involved in the musical Gugmang Giatay.

His constant partner Snake Princess hails from Bohol but teamed up with M2 in Cebu.

The lady lead in MTK is played with passion and verve by Akiko Solon, who first came to fore in the Bisaya Entertainment Universe via ABS-CBN’s Star Power (2010) and has several stints in Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK) and other Kapamilya TV series including Princess and I (2012), Pasion de Amor (2015) and Bridges of Love (2015) under her belt.

MTK is the first lead role for both M2 and Akiko, as well as for the Snake Princess who manages to steal many of the scenes in the movie with her superbly timed entrances, often with nary a word of dialogue. Abi niyog sayon? Sulayi galling!

I was also happy to see my ABS-CBN contemporary Dante Luzon in a supporting role as MM’s Papa in the movie and noted he hasn’t noted his touch, being a veteran of many radio and teleplays over the decades.

We don’t have any spoilers here so please go to SM CDO Downtown Premier Cinema 2 and catch MTK while it’s on its maiden run.

Having first dibs at the gala premiere, I’m happy to note the film is technically sound, with first rate ensemble acting from the cast, cinematography, sound, editing and a consistently engaging story line from the all Bisaya production crew notably Direk Ruben Joseph Aquino, Co-Direk Janice Perez, screenwriters Jude Gitamondoc and Therese Villarente, and of course executive producers Sunshine and Charles Lim, for spending a fortune to bring this gem to the screen.

In an exclusive interview by CDO Blogger VicMadz dated October 16, 2016, Snake Princess remarked how they could be actors once their followers reached 1-million. Karon, kay kapin naman sa usa ka milyon, actor na mo tanan! Saon na lang pag abot 2-M Snake?

My kudos to the entire case and crew, for making MTK a major showcase for the resurgence of Sine Bisaya, with its location shoots in many of Cebu’s famous and not so famous spots, technical excellence in production notably Marvene Rom Munda (photography), Antonio Carolos Uypuangco (production design), Insih Rafia Abubakar (wardrobe), Jessa Horca (hair-and-makeup) and Donald Villamero (casting).

But not to forget the singers and composers of the all Bisaya soundtrack which features original and contemporary Bisaya pop and rock songs, most of which were solely writer for the movie.

In fact, if I have any beefs, I thought there were many scenes in MTK which would have been even better if the soundtrack was more pronounced (referencing Claude Lelouch’s A Man and A Woman with Francis Lai’s unforgettable tunes) and that forgotten Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan vehicle You Got Mail. But that’s just my opinion, and not a very learned one at that…

I am sure many Kagay-anons especially those who follow M2 and the Snake Princess on Vines and other social media would just love to see the movie. I can only hope that after its present run there would be other opportunities where the movie can be showcased, particularly in Bisaya speaking communities, if only to show to all and sundry that Sine Bisaya is back, and back with a vengeance. Mabuhay!

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