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Lucky Condo or Townhouse Buying Tips

As it is noted, a house is built with walls and beams. But a home is built with love and dreams! Today you will learn how to do it with luck inclusive using feng shui compliant principles before you decide which condo or townhouse unit to buy!
The only two criteria in your investment decision feng shuiwise: a lucky and happy home.
First how to harness or make the luck in your investment:
1. Choose the unit that coincides with your life energy directions of which in feng shui it may be according to your motives: there is a direction for fortune or prosperity, a direction for good health, a direction for harmony and lastly a direction for fame. A professional feng shui expert can guide you in this regard so please be guided accordingly. What is most important is never to choose a unit that has for a main door, one that is oriented to your death door! Nor the disharmony direction, or illness and bad health orientation!
2. Have a unit with the most auspicious kitchen layout which varies from owner to owner per unit. Again the invaluable guidance of a feng shui expert is indispensable in this strategic investment concern.
3. Last but not least is to have a feng shui compliant master’s bedroom and bedrooms for your loved ones – kids, parents as well as helpers and drivers. The whole objective is to keep everybody wellrested for their wellbeing and good health so as not to be a bother or counterproductive in daily household management (no downtime).
The overall importance of these feng shui principles is to endow your home investment with excellent life energies that promote luck, good health and prosperity!
Next is how to sustain it into a happy and healthy home aside from its wealth generating capacities anchored on the abovementioned criterion:
1. Interior and exterior design, section by section, room by room, person by person must conform to each occupant’s lucky colors as prescribed by the feng shui expert. No more, no less, no excuses.
2. No black and blue roofing colors as they attract financial worries and difficulties in life.
3. No lion and tiger images or figurines as they negatively purvey a sacrifice of money or life 
or a relationship like marriage (separation).
4. No unlucky plants in the garden or indoors: thorny or creeping plants! Bonsai, cactuses and similarly designed artificial plants or flowers. Shun from the socalled lucky fortune bamboos or wishing temple plants lest you become a monk or a martyr for others not living the kind of life you deserve.
5. Shy away from bad feng shui numerology in unit or floor numbers of condo units or townhomes: avoid the number 4 at any cost (death) be it 4th floor or unit number 44,47, etc. Also avoid 7 which attracts conflict! Choose 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 only.
6. Be careful of indoor water features inclusive of fountains and paintings lest you or your husband will stray illicitly from each other.
7. Be careful of decor you put as it may be contrary to your fortune and happiness, say, if a Rat person, never have Horse images, figurines or paintings! Yeah even a horse lover! Each chinese zodiac personality has a jinx counterpart, now you know!
8. Feng shui is practical. Never invest in a condo or townhouse development beside a polluted factory (yes even if its a chocolate factory lest you smell cocoa even in sleep!). Never beside a hospital (versus airborne viral contaminations) or school or prisons! Excusable are cemeteries and memorial parks as these connote you will always be travelling!
9. Make sure your investment is out of love and happiness: picture the beneficiaries of your decision to buy vividly in your heart and mind if only to test if you are making the right move.
10. Last and most important of all: acquire the unit at an auspicious feng shui date based on the Chinese Lucky Calendar or Ton Shu/Almanac and right time to sign contracts. The same observance for moving in with the right house moving rituals (when to put rice, salt, water, cooking oil, altar, stove and lucky monies) as prescribed by a well meaning professional geomancer or feng shui expert.
If it will tickle your investment fancy, choose a unit with a lucky price too! (Like airline tix, those with ending in 168 which means prosperity all the way or 888 which means triple double riches forever! Happy and Lucky Condo or Townhouse Buying Everybody, by the way this applies to any lot or business property investments too!

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