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Lucky color for next 2 years

You can’t go wrong with anything white holds true for harnessing luck and good fortunes from now on for two years!
So any other so-called lucky color of the year for 2020 & 2021 will be false news or from a fraudster unless other than fifty shades of white! Pun and fun intended.
So disregard fashion dictations on lucky colors for general visual merchandising trending purposes. Also those pretending to be Feng Shui experts with hands quack!
Why white?
It’s a metal year for 2020 and a metal ox year for 2021. The color of metal in Feng Shui is white!
Therefore consecutively, the next two years white is the lucky Feng Shui color to attract good health, prosperity and happiness.
It can be combined though with your personal lucky Feng Shui color based on your Feng Shui element as derived from the Four Pillar Analysis in Feng Shui!
But the point is you can never go wrong with white the next two years!
So having a new white car, house or condo unit inside out beckons luck and good fortune.
So does wearing or decorating with white pantones for interior and exterior designs, including furnitures.
Of course using white inspired fashion wardrobes from clothes, shoes, bags and yes, even hair embellishments or color will be suspicious.
The only exception is on birthdays and Valentine’s day as it’s here where white can be misinterpreted as the Chinese color of grief and mourning!
Otherwise a white wedding ensemble, theme and giveaways will be fortunate as it symbolizes the purity of the couple’s love in marriage.
Any violent objections your honors? Otherwise speak now if you detest a lucky and happy life.
There being none let us adjourn with the whitest purity of our personal luck aspirations!
White the _uck?!! Yes white the Luck. Color your prosperity aptly, good luck!

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