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Luckiest Lot Feng Shui

Are you dreaming of buying and having a lucky lot?
Lots of them are in the Feng Shui menu board like;
* Lot embraced by a road, river or creek.
* Money bag dustpan shaped lot.
* Special animal shaped lot.
* Lot fronting a lake, ocean or river.
* Lot with upward slope terrain.
* Wok shaped and terrain lot.
* T shaped lot.
Roads, river or creek including bay, ocean or lake represents water equal to money in Feng Shui. Thus it beckons great cashflow and wealth accumulation potential. Yet it has to be Feng Shuied accordingly to fit the buyer’s profile!
Given this notion, the luckiest lit is one surrounded by water or a rotonda!
It simply attracts money coming in 24/7.
But then again it has to be customized when it comes to Feng Shui.
Therefore the luckiest lot is a Feng Shuied lot.
Now that makes a luck of sense!
Lots of Luck and Good Fortunes to all lot owners and buyers! You now know whom to call to improve your lots in life!

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