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Luckiest Fish in Feng Shui

No it’s not the galunggong of West Philippine Sea whose fishing rights given or not are still unlucky!
Only two are the luckiest with one actually megalucky!
First level lucky for all is the live arowana fish in all it’s variant kinds. Silver, gold, red golden and hybrid fusion types have all the same benefits even the super red and chili type.
What is important is it’s strategic placement in a home or office to harness luck depeo on the civil status of the owners.
Next or level up mega luck is the ancient grandfather of the arowana or the arapaima giga!
Many arowana owners swear by the luck and protection of their pets!
Much more for arapaimas that bring in megabucks!
Shall I share more?
By way of live example, arowana transforms fortunes let me Noli Kabayan De Castro from newscaster all the way to Vice President. It also saved Van Dolph from a tragic car accident and resultant coma as it died for him.
An ofw client simply won the lotto upon installation ofhis pet arowana. Then Governor Bong Carrion of Marinduque wife also won the jackpot in a casino, erasing liabilities and after being widowed recently became Mayor of their hometown. Senator Grace Poe has an arowana right outside her master’s bedroom thatvreaps amazing good Feng Shui. To wit even Janet Napoles arowana still thrives in her Discovery Ortigas office even after sequestration by BIR!
As for arapaimas, the Lopezes changed their fortunes during Martial Law after being given 6 arapaimas for their Meralco pond!
Many a politician or citizen with these two fish or both have immensely harnessed all thuckthe universe can give to the true believer!
So will you just sit and read? God helps those who help themselves is the first rule in Feng Shui. Go and act now or never mind being wealthy and healthy let alone happy!

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