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Kim’s Dream Orlan Ravanera

After Hearing the Cry of the Poor & of the Earth

“From time to time, there appear on the face of the earth, men and women of consummate excellence who dazzle us by their virtue, and whose outstanding qualities shed a stupendous light. Like those extra-ordinary stars whose origins we are ignorant and whose fate, once they have vanished we know even less, such men and women have neither forebears nor descendants, they are the whole of their race.”

          At a time when the earth is facing planetary destruction and humanity is facing annihilation due to climate change and threats of nuclear war, not to mention gross inequities under the regime of one percent perpetuated by corporate globalization, it is so amazing to know of the rising of  spiritual consciousness that is rooted in transcendental dimension. A new day is being trail-blazed by an awakened few looming like a light amidst the darkness,  as the awakening process has now begun.   One of these “lights” whom I met recently goes by the name of Genevieve De Dios Hussain who has exemplified the truism that all life forms emanated from the Unseen Being, the Source of all life, bannering the sacredness of all of God’s creation – thus, De Dios.

Be it in her speech, printed on her t-shirt or the products that she is personally  manufacturing like the healing oil that is amazingly curing the sick and even those afflicted by the pandemic, the biblical lines on John 15: 12-13 are glaringly declared: “My command is this: Love one another as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this – to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  For her, such biblical lines are not just rhetorical but are emanating from her heart and inner self.  Indeed, she has dived deep within  into herself that connect her to the Universal Intelligence, to the Unseen Eternal Being deep within and feel that oneness especially with the poor and with Gaia (Mother Earth).  That transcendental dimension has connected her to a Universal Intelligence that seems to whisper or provide her the amazing wisdom every time she prays for  guidance.

After hearing the cry of the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden and feeling so much love for them and for Mother Earth, she has put in clear categorical term the essence of the biblical mandate to love one another as God loves us. Indeed, if faith can move mountain as biblically declared that “if we have faith even as small as a mustard seed and if you tell the mountain to move from here to there, it will move.” But love is greater than faith and even creates amazing transformation as a liberating force.

Genevieve is a very successful business entrepreneur whose business operations are not only done locally but internationally. But for her, such blessings must be used not for her self-aggrandizement but to be of service to others specially the poor and the downtrodden.

Genevieve has focused on the natural effect of God -given resources, instead of relying on Pharma medicines which are synthetic and can cause more side effects. Indeed, she has spread out the truism that there are many God-given and ready medicines that are found in nature and she has discovered some powerful therapeutic solutions.  Such miraculous discovery of the power of healing oil became a trail-blazing move to produce more especially upon the requests of those who have known of the miraculous effect on healing even those afflicted with cancer. The distribution in fact went as far as the United Arab Emirates through her children who are residing there. During the recent wedding of her sister in Manila, Genevieve brough hundred of bottles, to the rejoice of those who attending the wedding.  All told, thousands of bottles have been distributed, for free at that.   What is so amazing is the unfolding of the truism that unfettering oneself from unbridled materialism and consumerism, thus debunking the mundane to go to the Sublime, is creating a transcendental transformation in a world that is giving so much veneration to the profit motive. Indeed, love is the supreme force in the universal that can command all obedience and even to heal all the ailments including that of Mother earth.

In our sorties around Bukidnon, she brought many bottles of herbal oil for distribution to the poor Indigenous Peoples, all for  free. Wow, so amazing.  The power of the herbal oil healing them has proven them right. The statement of Sultan Abdul Amoran, former commander of the MILF Special Command Force who is half-Maranao half-Higaonon was even  so informative upon receiving the herbal oil, he said, “Thank you for reviving the medicinal and health culture of the Indigenous Peoples as the IPs were actually advanced.  In fact, my grandparents had lived for more than 100 years as no sickness or disease can triumph over them because of a healing oil like this.” 

But the amazing Genevieve’s role to cure the sick is  not just confined to the poor and oppressed Indigenous Peoples.  For her, oneness with all of God’s creation is the highest form of worship.  She has heard the cry not only of the poor but of Mother Nature.  Love is not just confined to human beings as “loving one another” includes all the flora and fauna especially those who are crying for help as they are becoming extinct. Indeed, she is correct. Hundreds of species are becoming extinct daily, being erased from the face of the earth and they are crying to be heard. Genevieve heard their cry and with love oozing in heart, she is now working to regain back the lost ecological integrity.

That oneness exemplified by Genevieve with all of God’s creation especially with Mother Earth should now reverberate throughout the land Being one with the trees, with the birds, with the fish and with the flowers is indeed true love.  Indeed, we must love one another as God loves us. When that happens, the homo sapiens will be transformed into espiritus luminous or enlightened spirits which will be a great leap forward in humanity’s evolutionary growth. Thank you so much Genevieve for being that “kahayag” amidst the darkness of the troubled times. You have exemplified to the highest degree that human beings are indeed stewards of God’s creation anchored on the sacredness and oneness of all life forms.  To that our firm salute and warm embrace – with love!
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