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Local practices vs evil (Pinoy Feng Shui?)

A recent Feng Shui trip to Iloilo City, Philippines was a revelation of sorts on local folk practices of seemingly Feng Shui proportions yet it is not!
Chef Ian Varona showed me his traditional Iloilo or visayan practice learned from elders at his Villa Beach resort hotel and restaurant soon to open publicly.
First are religious icon of Christ the King and the proverbial green clothed Sto. Niño for a blessed business Enterprise!
Second was entirely a new discovery for me.
He showed me a big bottle of vinegar which locals call Langgaw Biyernes Santo! Or Good Friday vinegar.
This is obtained by burying the bottled vinegar in the ground for a year from a Good Friday day and harvested the next year on Good Friday too!
The supernatural powers of this Good Friday vinegar amongst Panay island folks is that it can ward off being struck by lightning by simply sprinkling the vinegar in the direction of the thunderstorm!!!
Also it is a sort of herbal liquid remedy as it is often used by townsfolk as a cure for fever. It is sprinkled on brown paper and as a patch placed on the forehead.
For farmers with domesticated pigs or piggery they use the patch to heal sick pigs! They put the vinegar patch or rub it on the pig’s armpits to go for the cure! Interesting I joked Ian quipping that therefore a human forehead is the same as a pig’s kilikili in Tagalog, ilok in visayan, or armpits in English!
Last on his place was a buntot oagi or Manta Ray’s tail. A proverbial Filipino practice of using it in a place as an Amulet against any evil paranormal or not as it symbolizes a whip that aswangs or witches dread or are scared of!!!
With these array of folk practices are the folk local Feng Shui?
No by any means. Feng Shui is based on scientific logic of the flow of life energies in fluenced by architecture and environment landscape and terrains. Not by vinegar or buntot pagi!
At best these are local folk superstitious beliefs or plain superstition.
Just remember Steve Wonder’s wisdom in his song Superstition!
Let’s sing along to it’s main storyline lyrics for good Feng Shui!—-”when you believe in things you don’t understand, that’s superstition! Oh, oh, oh!
Alright? Just keep believing. No harm, no foul!

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