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Life in the campaign trail

CABANGLASAN,  Bukidnon –– On top of drug addiction, malling and spreading rumors (read: false news)   these hot days, campaigning for a political  party  is the most effective way of   wasting  quality time this election season.

Anyone can join, no skills needed, only a big mouth and sharp tongue  and that’s it – your language, be it ala Duterte,  or Trillanes, or worse, De Lima, makes your day complete and  satisfied of spreading something that will boost your most favored candidate.

And almost everyone eagerly does the spreading of the word so to speak, throwing   their two cents  worth of mudslinging against political rivals in any  political arena, debates or town hall meetings.

Of course, you will hear  again the revival of  traditional politics – loose  talks and promises of the moon and the stars,   anywhere and anytime– in the neighborhood, in the streets, meeting halls, in malls, in offices or even in jeepney rides.

And to those who are   already addicted to spreading false campaign,  it seems that they won’t last a day without putting down an opponent.

People who are expert in motherhood statements would surely enjoy their moments in the campaign trail, spreading the gospel of  lies and deception, of promises that are made  to be broken anyway.

For all the die-hards and paid hacks, life in the campaign   trail would be so drab that, in the quest of excitement and the sheer need to break routine, mudslinging come easy, and biting to the hilt.            Perhaps topics like what are we going to do to improve the economy,   about how to uplift the lives of  the Marawi IDPs,  what are our priorities for 2019 and beyond  —  are most welcome and wholesome as it were, in a time of political transaction come midterm election on May 13, 2019.

            Are our jobs okay? Is the peso going to fall down against the dollar?  Are we giving our  young people the right education so that we can get them to be productive for the next 10 or so years?  Is our economy on a steady climb to seven, eight or nine percent?

Having said  that,  candidates  should not disregard existing ground rules – stick to  issues most commonly raised  during election year.That way, the electorate could become discerning in choosing the right  candidate.

Undoubtedly, we are an awesome and amazing people, but sad to note,  bad decisions come easy if grease money will again flow freely come May 13, 2019.  (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)   

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