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Letter to the Editor:

Objectively looking at our present circumstance, it is obvious that the President has taken initiatives within the realm of the powers of the state, and his presidential duties and responsibilities, to do what is possible to mitigate and control, if not stop entirely the coronavirus-19.

The president’s affirmative actions may not be perfect but it is a work in progress. As is appearing, he tried and continues to explore conceivable options to save Filipino lives while trying to rescue the economy, sustain and preserve our homeland, so that the present and future generations may continue to enjoy a healthy and comfortable life.

In fact, he has the audacity to spend billions of public funds and, if need be, to even sell some of our sovereign assets, at the high risk of weakening our cash flow and financial position if only to protect Filipino lives and alleviate the family and household economy during this period of crisis.

Ironically, if not paradoxically, it is unfathomable why many of us Filipinos remain ambivalent and even defiant of government lawful orders. Viewed from television images of how our compatriots behave, it is weird that many have even become incorrigible recidivists-violators of the government’s legitimate human security and healthcare government policies.

Such display of human behavior triggers the questions: Have they lost trust of our duly constituted authorities and institutions? What happened to our inherent law-abiding nature and value system? Have they lost their patriotism?

Metaphorically, our nation may be compared to the human body – a compound complex biological organization comprising of numerous organs separate and distinct from each other with and different functions. Yet it remains mutually inclusive.

Similarly, each of us is a part of our respective family, culture, community country, and of humanity – co-dependent or inter-dependent of each other.  

Yet, it is intriguing to observe why many of our fellow citizens seems to have forgotten that this government is not solely the responsibility of President Duterte and the 16 million Filipinos who voted for him; nor that of his appointees, or of those we voted to positions of power and authority.

Rather, this government is the collective and mutually inclusive responsibility of all Filipinos – leaders and followers alike. Thus, while we don’t have the slightest intent to father anybody’s destiny, we join all Filipinos in believing that the phrase “We the People” signifies our shared goals – the common denominator for our common future.


Virgilio L. Leyretana Sr.

Former Undersecretary & Chairman, Mindanao Economic Development Council (MEDCo)

Father of RA 1996 creating Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA),

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