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Let’s educate the world public well!

If we search in Google scholar, we can find about 117,000 pages with thousand of research articles about coronavirus. Just do it, searching it by typing “coronavirus detection”! We can find many research results on it.  I don’t know why public figures whose authorities related to covid-19 seem to make the world public confused.

We realize that covid-19 is considered novel. It is said novel in the sense that it is really new. But, when we search, browsing the research results in Google Scholar, we will know that it is not new. There are lots of research articles related to coronavirus detection.

Milano, F., Campbell, A. P et al.,  (2010), Shi, R., Ma, W. Et al., (2003), Lau, S. K, et al., (2003), Corman, V. Et al., (2012), Poon, L. L., (2005), and many others— an uncountable number of researchers—who have done their research related to coronavirus. It means that, scientifically, this virus, as said to be novel is not really new. For the field- related scientists, the novel virus may not be new. It is not a novel one.

So, how to educate the world public well is required. All the whole bodies or organs throughout the world should expose the coronavirus in detail. If possible, let all the scientists or researchers related to it get involved in spreading the complete information about covid-19. There must not be a monopoly in propaganda.

It will be more dangerous when the media and especially social media are dominated by misleading propaganda. There is some news that can be either true or fake. But, how to educate the world public is needed. It is wanted. 

The way is that all the official news or information must be done collaboratively. For example, let’s all the researchers or scientists related to the field of virus studies get involved in providing the best information. Otherwise, there will be different angels of spotting the information to the world public. Unfortunately, we are all up to now getting more and more confused. This is really confusing: coronavirus and the propaganda.

We are not all well fleshed in biology. We are only the layman, the people who get easily tricked with fake news. However, the world public leaders in any country have a responsibility to educate their nations. Try to let the people aware of not only how to cope with the outbreak but also how to educate them, by giving correct information.

It is imperative that all the national leaders can let the scientist and researchers whose experts in virus and biology. It would be better when the world organ or body such as the United Nations (UN) let the world scientists get involved in providing the best information. There must not be a monopoly on spreading information to the world public.

If we educate the world public well, we will get the policies to be done well too. On the contrary, when we don’t educate the people well, we cannot get the stipulated policies to be done well either. We can see in some countries or cities, people have different reactions toward the policies related to lockdown and social distancing. 

It can be implied that the world public is not educated well. Some different information from different sources makes them have different perceptions. Therefore, they act differently. 

Dr. Djuwari is an Associate Professor and the Director of Language Laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, the editor of some research journals in the Philippines and Indonesia. He is also a journalist in some newspapers in Indonesia; the President of International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER).

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