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Let us not lose as one

WE WIN AS ONE, this  is the official watchword  of the 2019 SEA Games. 


But before the Games will formally open a few days from now, it seems we are already losing as one host nation.


Arrival and billeting including food preparations in hotels for visiting officials and athletes had hit a snag, thanks but no thanks to the organizers led by POC, PSC and PHISGOC.


Having said that, no amount of apologies and finger  pointing could cover up the apparent inefficiencies  foreign delegates have experienced upon their arrival in the country over the weekend.


To let them wait for about  8-9 hours at the airport and whisked them in the wrong hotel is no laughing matter.


First impression lasts. 


Athletes  from Cambodia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, and Thailand had suffered inconveniences even before the start of the Games. 


Some of the alleged problems consisted  of transportation, accommodation, and travel issues.  All these were treated in a shabby manner from a host country being touted as the economic tiger of Asia.


 Be that as it may, let us take  a closer look at how our  frontrunners of the Games play their  respective roles. 


The PSC, along with the DBM – Procurement Service, is the main implementor of the funding and public procurement aspect of the Games.  


On the other hand, PHISGOC is primarily responsible for the planning and actual preparations, organization, management and execution of the hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games while the POC takes charge of running the technical aspects of all sporting events.


Let the Games begin. But We cannot afford  to lose as one. ([email protected])


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