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Less Fuel, Maximum Power | Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS 4×2 AT

Photos by Kit Pilla


While the popularity of SUVs is on the rise, most people who buy them don’t necessarily intend to going on off road expeditions. Rather, it is the urban jungle that these machines will likely be taking on. More than anything else, a vehicle that will spend most of its service life in city traffic should be fuel efficient. That is what you can expect from the mu-X RZ4E.
Fitted with Isuzu’s 1,898 cc Blue Power Diesel engine, the mu-X RZ4E delivers maximum fuel efficiency without compromising performance. It is, after all, an SUV. You get 150 PS @ 3,600 rpm and 350 Nm @ 1,800-2,600 on tap, minus the worry of over-spending on fuel costs. After a week of city driving I was able to achieve 11.4 kilometers to a liter, without much effort. I suppose it is quite possible to get even better mileage if I have kept engine revs low. I found that the mu-X RZ4E will happily cruise along at 60 kilometers per hour at 1,500 rpm. Yet, I couldn’t resist stepping on the accelerator pedal whenever a clear road presents itself. The six-speed automatic transmission has a manual mode so you can work through the gears yourself to have a more engaging driving experience.  
I enjoyed the performance of the mu-X RZ4E as much as my kids appreciated its creature comforts. It is now the onset of summer season and yet the mu-X’s air conditioning system kept the entire cabin temperature arctic all the way to the back as there are air-con vents up to the third row. I had them watching movies on the 8-inch touch screen display, which was strategically placed to minimize glare during daytime driving. You can access the third row by pulling a lever on top of the second row back rest, which folds the seat to allow entry. 
The ride is smooth and comfortable, huge potholes are barely noticeable. The 220mm ground clearance inspires confidence when rolling over obstacles. More importantly, it has the capability to wade through monsoon floods up to half a meter in depth. I like the high seating position as it gave me an excellent view of the road ahead. One would think that maneuvering such a hefty vehicle in congested city streets would be a challenge but on the contrary, the mu-X’s commanding road presence kept other cars at bay. The daytime running LED lights also makes it more visible to other road users. The Bi-LED projector headlamps gives excellent illumination so you can go out for a drive anytime you like. 
The mu-X RZ4E can shift duties from ferrying people to hauling cargo. The third row seats have a 50/50 split and fold function while the second row seats have 60/40 fold and tumble function. It is also possible to fold both rows to have a completely flat cargo bed. I was able to load my bicycle and there is still plenty of room to spare. There’s no need to bother with bike rack attachments. Just imagine the savings you can get on delivery fees whenever you buy home appliances at the store. 
At P1,300,000, the mu-X RZ4E is one of the most affordable SUVs in the market today. Isuzu also claims that the RZ4E engine requires lower service fees and it is cheaper to run too. Factor in Isuzu’s renowned reliability and you get a practical SUV with a long service life. To know more about the Isuzu mu-X RZ4E, you may visit www.isuzuphil.com.

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