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Killing the oligarchs

IT’S just  like David fighting Goliath. The goliaths here are the oligarchs and how to kill them is a matter that involves political will.

They are heartless operators of Maynilad and Manila Water who have been salivating the country’s natural resource (read:  water) via onerous deals long time before DU30 came to power.

The recent  ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Singapore has surprisingly caught the PH government with its pants down — and  out, literally!

And outrage was the only reaction so far of Malacanang over that decision, directing the government  to pay Manila Water billions of pesos for the non-implementation of water rate increases.

The irony of it was the stupidity of our lawmakers in entering a contract  inimical to the interest of the people.

Under  our Constitution, all natural resources including water, belong to – and are owned by – the state.

It is a given  fact  that water is  for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the citizens. No pun intended here but simply for the interest of the  greater mass.

Water is life and therefore its use  is painted  with public interest.

In fact, water is a privilege and must not be abused by the few,  to the dismay of the many.

More so, water is not a commodity, but a necessity to stay alive. And most importantly, water  is not  a money making venture,  but  a public service per se.

In this case, the proper delivery of water,  as a basic service has not been fostered but thwarted to the   detriment of the people.

Now, regardless of whatever power or influential these operators have, they are bound to stay a lifetime behind bars.             

That said, do we have that kind of onerous water deal here at the local front? Your guess is as good as mine. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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