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Island Province of Tawi-tawi gets 8000 residents vaccinated with Janssen vax

TAWI-TAWI – The government is very serious in protecting the Filipinos from the threats of covid-19 including its dangerous mutations, as vaccinations have already reached even the farthest island of Tawi-tawi, reports reaching MDNN said yesterday.

Dr Bashary Latiph of the BARMM’s Ministry of Health told reporters that there are now a total of 8000 residents in the island that received the single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

“Considering its distance from mainland Mindanao, the national government has earlier made the vaccine allocation for the farthermost province of BARMM,” Dr. Bashary told reporters on Monday.

The initial batch of Janssen vax, according to the MOH official, was rolled out on July 23, and 8000 of the 231,776 residents of the island province have been vaccinated.

The doctor also said that the municipalities of Sitangkai, Mapun island, Turtle Island and all borders of Malaysia, as well as some of Indonesia’s Island, will be the next target of the vaccination.

“We have to strengthen the immune system of constituents in the island municipalities of Tawi-Tawi amid fortified border control measures to prevent the entry of the dreaded Delta variant from the neighboring southern countries, especially Indonesia, which has already become the new epicenter of virus surpassing India,” he stressed.

At presstime, the neighboring countries of Indonesia and Malaysia have been hit by massive surge of the deadly coronavirus disease (covid-19)

In the Philippines, health authorities reported a total of 119 Delta variant have now been detected raising fears among residents in areas hit.

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