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International Secondary Schools

The existence of public international secondary schools has been protested by public in

Since last year, this kind of school has been stipulated as the prohibited school

Therefore, the minister of education has recommended that the school principals
stop the operation in this country.

There are some reasons why this kind of school has been considered controversial.

The practice of the school management tends to charge the students with expensive fee.

The fee is even more expensive than that of the private university fee.

This invites public to protest because it is against the national constitution which guarantees the people with free-of- charge
school on the secondary school level.

Other reason why public protest such international school program is that this school
cannot guarantee their alumni to be more qualified than other ordinary school alumni.

So far, there has been no evidence showing that the alumni of international secondary school have
greater performance in their further study.

In universities, there is even no evidence showing
that these students have higher performance compared to the other students who are not
from international secondary schools.

The most crucial thing inviting public protest is that the practice of this kind of school is
done using international language that is English.

Unfortunately, the teachers’ English in such
schools are still considered poor.

The English language teachers might be able to teach the
subjects using English.

Other subject teachers, such as Mathematics, Social sciences, natural
sciences, have poor English.

Therefore, the learning and teaching interaction cannot guarantee
the students’ ability to learn the subjects.

With the condition above, public have been protesting against this international
secondary schools.

It has been a long time for the government facing the public protest. Most
newspapers and electronic media have covered the news on public protest against these

Finally, the minister of education has recommended that the school management
should stop international secondary schools since last year.

Unfortunately, the schools and their management are not yet ready to stop the
international school practice.

This is very crucial because the management with high cost was
mostly financed by the students’ parents. High cost can be due to all facilities and salaries for

the teachers.

The cost can be related to the cost of facility maintenance and all the school
operational finance.

The problem above leads to the change of government budget allocation on national

Yet, it is not easy to change the state budget in a very short time. The change of
state budget needs the agreement from the house of representative.

It is really time

This, of course, makes the minister of education get confused.
So far there is no clear solution to such problem. However, the regional government in
each regency or province should help to cope with school finance. According to the national
constitution, the 12 year school- fee-free program should be done.

With the autonomy government program, such budget allocation can be shared. Some proportion should be from
central state budget.

Other proportion can be from the regional government budget.

DR. Djuwari is the director of language laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, also a
columnist in some newspapers in Indonesia.

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