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When I was still hosting my radio shows with classical music  on different radio stations, I really got surprised how many people tried to come in touch with me after listening to not only the (wonderful?) classical music as well as my inspirational thoughts in between. Yes, I really felt glad and honored to be on air and getting the chance to share my passion for classical music with a really great listener ship. Once upon a time –  already several years ago.

In total darkness are many people right now because of the pandemic and the number of cases increasing to astronomical heights all over the world. Strategies against darkness?  “Why am I so sad? What am I so troubled about?” (Psalm 42,11).

If it’s becoming dark, we usually turn on our lights. But, it’s still daylight. It’s a magnificent and wonderful day! The sun shines with might in the sky. The flowers are ablaze with amazing colors; the birds are chirping cheerfully. – “Yet, why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled?”

We experience feelings, as if darkness lies onto our souls, and light cannot get through any more. Yes, we make head or tail of it, because some really bad things happened since a couple of  months in many of our life and surroundings:

Several good friends passed away unforeseen; a wish, carried with us in our hearts never became true; all doors seem to be locked forever; financial problems because of Covid-19 bother us and don’t allow the chance for three daily meals; and arduous illness seems to become incurable.

Why are we so sad? Why are we so troubled? The psalm’s poet voices out innermost feelings and emotions during those times.

A very good friend ( a really very good one!) asked the following question: “How can you praise and worship this God, who allowed me always to get into a never-ending darkness?” Is my friend a dyed-in-the-wool-atheist”, who underpinned his opinion with even the Psalm: “Day and night I cry and tears are my only food; all the time my enemies ask me, “Where is YOUR “God”?””

I was trained how to survive such periods of life. Even in this pandemic situation. Be patient and pray. Yes, pray! Or: “Quarrel with your soul!” No, it’s not nonsense, it really works.

“Don’t make such a fuss; get out of your dump and be happy!”

Or, read Psalm 103: “The Love of God”.

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