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Ice plant viral feng shui

I write this secret to nuvo riches dedicated to all politicians and friends. With the end in mind to spur regional let alone small to medium enterprise across the Philippines!
Not by planting rice or camote but by planting ice via investment in an an ice plant in your city or municipality. Either as sole proprietor or partnerships or interlocking corporate joint venture amongst political partymates and beloved cronies!
Yes para sa bayan or for the nation.
Marked to markets the demand for ice by all social classes especially in urbanizing cities or townships now progressing via infrastructure development except tuwid na saan road widenings with remnant acacia trees and electric posts in the middle of the lane is excessive by all feasibility studies!
Even extra judicial killings or natural let alone supernatural deaths spur local morgues demand for ice as they save on refrigerated equipment!
Thus begins these viral tips on how to plant an ice plant in neighborhoods for the common good!
First is location, location, location.
The density of population is a must. The denser the better or beat. Just follow why there are no light posts in a dark mountain sitio or barangay! Why? There are negligible votes there so to speak in real politics!!!
All it needs is a minimum of 500 square meters.
Last, at inception is Feng Shui, Feng Shui, Feng Shui!!! Yes Feng Shui thrice– on location purchase decision, on building layout plans and later annually to maintain good business under flying stars or change with the year vibes Feng Shui!!!
That’s all let alone subjecting management team and staff to the fine comb selection and team building using Feng Shui expert guidance.
Planting ice via ice plants is the new wave for investors in the Philippines. Who says that ice isn’t hot??? Remember now, Philippines is a hot country when it comes to planting ice. In need, ice plant ventures are an often ignored milking cow waiting to be domesticated in your respective communities!
Happy ice planting for the bold and daring new social entrepreneur after reading this nugget of a Feng Shui tip of the iceberg!

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