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IAMURE for the world

International Association for Multidisciplinary Research, or IAMURE for short, has been globally
acknowledged since it was born in 2011. It was two years ago, not so old enough for the birth of an
organization. It is really a baby; therefore, it is really amazing. This intellectual organization was created
by the international consortium headed by Dr. Genaro V. Japos, the man behind the great influential

Though, it was born in Philippines, exactly in Cagayan de Oro city, this researchers’ community
has been owned by the world community. This means that, it has been globally making the world united.

Different researchers, from various countries with different backgrounds of education and experiences are
blended together in the same organization with the same vision and mission. IAMURE can be said the
place for making the world not only united but also enlightened.

With hundreds of its members from about 40 countries so far, IAMURE is really gaining its

The different fields of science and various experiences from different perspectives are poured
into the same “bowel”.

The mixtures of ingredients are blended into one, making the world flat and

Every thing is discussed, every idea is digested, and every experience is learned by anyone at
the same time for formulating the generalization for all.
Nobody feels strange among the members in this IAMURE organization.

Once a new member gets involved, he or she gets easily at home. The blended psychological atmosphere is always created by doing the presence of each member to stand up on the stage.

That’s the pictorial session, which is always
done in the interval of panel discussions.

The new members or comers are introduced to one another,
making them feels as if they were in their own countries. That’s the very natural identity of psychological

IAMURE is really for the world.

It is not anymore the entity owned by the nation from where this
organization was firstly born.

This intellectual community has traveled lots throughout the globe.

That is the positive symptom that makes IAMURE gaining its ground.

It is increasingly getting its existence with
different participants and bringing its collected ideas for making the members’ knowledge updated every
The most prestigious identity is that IAMURE has been certified by ISO, for doing all the things
related to academic endeavors.

All papers submitted for presentation are reviewed blindly and made
accountably academic works.

As such, the creativity the members have pursued yields precious outcome
with the best quality for all.

Beside, such an effort is also intended to make the intellectuals accountable to
their professions.

The academic journals are published with high grade levels for they are also managed through

The process is conducted through hard efforts by the management of the journal publication.

All articles have been presented in the conference sessions.

Yet, these academic works are still scrutinized
through academic measurements.

Blind reviews and plagiarism detection are also done for assurance of
the articles’ quality.

All in all, IAMURE is the place for intellectual similar to a coin with two sides. In one side, it is
for oral presentation of the papers concerning the authors’ ideas. In other side, it is for paper or article
publication that is the dissemination of the members’ academic works.

By joining or participating in IAMURE activities, all members from different countries become united, blended themselves pursuing the best quality of their intellectuality.

Dr. Djuwari is the director of Language laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Indonesia.

He is one of IAMURE members.

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