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Hundred : Thousands of maranaos held their ed-ul fitr celebration in historic bato mosque


SOME MSULIMS around the world yesterday April 21 (Friday and today April 22 (Saturday) celebrates Ed-Ul Fitr , a normally festive holiday marking the end of the fasting of Ramadan.

In Marawi City ground zero ,the most devasted area during the May 2017 Marawi Siege , hundred thousands of Maranaos celebrates Ed-Ul Fitr at the historic Masjid Dansalan Bato Mosque .

Dr Ali Panda former Dean of MSU-main campus of King Faisal Arabic and Islamic Studies said this is the first time in the history that happened after the Siege where others Maranaos men and women performed their salatul prayer due to the huge number of people which can not be accommodated inside the mosque Eid-Ul Fitr is a celebration of the successful completion of this month-long journey of self-discipline.

As posted in the Official Facebok Account of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Sur , Vice governor Mohammad Mujan Raki-in Adiong have informed all the constituents of the province that it was agreed as recommended by the Ulama Council of this Provincial Government of Lanao del sur that Ed-uL Fitr will be on April 21,2023 to be held at the Provincial Capital quadrangle which is utilized by the government to accommodate government employees and other nearby barangays.

Adiong cited Proclamation No. 201 signed by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., with the recommendation of the NCMF to declare April 21 as a national holiday for the Feast of Ramadan.

On the part of the Bangsamoro Darul Ifta (BDI) announced tonight , April 20, that the cresent moon was not sighted , signifying that Ed Ul Fitr will be on Saturday, April 22,2023. Bangsamoro Grand Mufti Abuhuraria Usudan confirmed the result of rthe moon sighting through various social media platforms and radio stations.

Prior to this , BDI despatched moon sighting teams to several strategis locations equiped with technical equipment. Following this announcement, Muslims throughout the Philippines are expected to participated in congregaational prayers at designated sities concluding the month-long observance of Ramadan.

Former COMELEC Chairman Atty Saidamen B. Pangarungan and Chairman of Marawi Grand Mosque announced that Eid-ul Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow Saturday April 22, 2023 at 6:00Am.

In Taguig city where there are Maranaos residents , they started celebrating Ed-ul Fitr as early as 6:AM with Takbeer.

Assemblyman Atty Abol Alam A. Padate said “Eid Al-Fitr signifies the completion of an act of duty and devotion. It teaches that real achievement result from performing one’s duty and making sacrifices for a noble objective. May the Almighty accept our month-long fasting, repentance, prayers and recitude. Let us continue to ask the Amighty to guide our leaders as we journey to the furure as one people as one Bangsamoro, Padate added



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