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How to Recognize the Well-Managed Schools

Besides the best curriculum and the best teachers, other hallmarks for measuring whether the
school is well managed or not need to be discussed for public topic. Along time ago, all schools
were recognized by public through the printed media. But, today it is not enough. The shift of
old paradigm into the new one has become very important to know by the policy makers and
the leaders of any schools anywhere.

In Indonesia, for example, the private schools almost have the same status, even the private
ones that have been well-managed have higher level of quality, in terms of public-point of view:
their image. Thus, building the schools’ image is the most important strategy, after all the
fulfillment of requirements of the schools’ best criteria.

A school which is well-managed can be indicated by their established curriculum and their best
quality of the teachers. Besides that, the well-managed schools include their infrastructures
related to the teaching-learning media. However, it is not enough. They have to get well known
by public, even the world public. To do so, the school leaders should make their schools
recognized by public.

The way to make them well-recognized by public is by exposing their specific characteristics,
especially their best corporate culture. They can build their best image through media such
newspapers, magazines, and the related media that can boost the image through the digital
society and community.

Holding seminars and workshops can also be done by the schools. They can collaborate with
other schools for holding such academic activities. Then, they can also expose all these to
public. The news media can cover all the activities to make them exposed, not only their best
curriculum, teachers, but also their varied ways of academic activities. This can make the
schools well-recognized by public.

The leaders of the schools must be versatile in doing any activities, being the model for other
teachers but also being the best communicators for the schools. This can be done by making
the schools exposed, showing the best activities, learning strategies, and infrastructures
facilitating the learning process to the world public. This is a must for the private schools, and
also for public schools. All these need to be exposed to media.

There are some activities that needs to be exposed to public. First, it can be the best practice of
the schools’ learning process. This is related to the most beneficial activities such as the
students’ winning the competition in the schools’ areas. Being the winners of any competition
in any educational activaties is also important to be recognized by public.

Second, it can be the teachers’ activities joining the seminars or workshops. After going back to
schools from the workshops, they should write a report and then expose it to public through
media. Another activity is the school’s events, such as the school may hold a seminar or
workshop and then expose it to the media. By doing such a public exposure, the schools can be
recognized by public, and preferably the best practices can be well-known.
Dr. Djuwari Sarkawi is the managing editor of the journal and book division, STIE Perbanas
Surabaya. He is also the guest lecturer at Ottimmo International Master-gourmet Academy,
Surabaya; The advisor of Indonesia Association of Press Practitioners/ Journalists in East Java
province (HIPSI), Indonesia. He is also the president of the International Association of
Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER)].

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