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Hotel guests scramble as quake shakes CDO

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – An intensity 6 quakes shook this seaport capital about 9:05 Tuesday morning, sending naked hotel guests scrambling out of the hotel.

An aftershock took place 10:45 a.m., an hour after the quake, which sent more people to get out of their homes, hotels, and shopping malls.

A shopping mall was closed as all shoppers and workers were sent outside following the aftershock while safety officials were clearing the building.

Except for the two unidentified women who collapsed in the hotel, but later recovered after undergoing emergency treatment in a responding ambulance nearby, no injuries were reproted.

Hotel guests from China, South Korea, Caucasians and other foreign guests gathered outside of a downtown hotel as safety and rescue officials inspect the integrity of the hotel building.

A call center located in a downtown mall here was closed after safety officials found cracks and debris in the building.

Students and pupils went out of their classrooms and gathered in an open space in the school compound – others were fetched by their parents.

Disaster officials scrambled as emergency sirens were sounded to warn city residents for sobriety as safety engineers were dispatched to inspect possible damage of public and private buildings in the city.


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