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Greetings Fellow Ohioans!

Greetings Fellow Ohioans!

My name is Ronald Simeon Eiselstein, and I am an expatriate of a Filipino-American colonial family originally from Meigs County, Ohio. My great grandfather and my grandfather under President McKinley were ordered to the Philippines over 100 years ago. I am of the first generation to return.

The Eiselsteins of Ohio have a history of engineers and patents.  In 1972 during the oil embargo, my father first introduced me to the Archimedes Lever by building a model and explained in detail its power. I was 12 years old.  He taught me that the ancient lever was an underutilized energy converter. This became my lifetime quest to solve the mystery of renewable energy for mankind.

After two years of college in the Philippines I was recruited by the US Navy to be trained as a submarine nuclear ballistic missile technician. After graduation I served on a top-secret submarine tender. However, when it was time for duty on a ballistic missile submarine, I was abruptly discharged for a history of asthma.  At 21 years old I was offered a position at the prestigious submarine design office of Newport News Shipbuilding as an engineering analyst. I was the liaison officer of the 688-class fast attack submarine engineering and design. I spent 5 1/2 years in the engineering department together with 200 of the nation’s top engineers.  I frequently debated my associates on the possibility of a new renewable energy converter.  

In 1987 I resigned to enter the business world and have been self-employed ever since.  In 2004 I continued my research and built a small laboratory in the basement of my small business located in the historic post office building in Poland, Ohio. My conclusion at that time was that the Archimedes Lever could significantly multiply force as an energy converter and, designed as a see saw, can alternate leveraging torque.  After 50 years of pondering, the mystery to be solved was discovering the energy available for the lever to convert.  In 2019 while driving home, I noticed a full moon over Youngstown and EUREKA!  The answer was right in front of me.  The question of what force can counter the significant force of gravity is the gravity of the moon and the sun! The significance of this is similar to a clocktower or a grandfather clock. The earth’s tides and rain replenish the elevated weight of water and that water energy can be the energy for the lever to convert. Furthermore, the enormous energy of the oceans and rivers can be, with every drop, naturally converted globally providing civilization more energy than we would ever need.

The single existing utility-grade renewable energy converter the world has today is the turbine evolving from the ancient waterwheel.  Mankind is attempting to use the turbine as windmills, hydropower, and tidal turbines. The pervasive problem of the turbine is that it is oscillatory torque, basically unbalanced, which has been the culprit for the persistent failures of the hydropower system.

Replacing the turbine with levers to transform energy from rivers and high tidal regions will enable constant torque and variable speed to the electric grid. Initial analytical comparison with run-of-river hydro feasibility studies in Nepal and the Philippines result in double the conversion output–no dams, headrace, spillway, or turbines.  The absence of high-tech turbines should also reduce the LCOE levelized cost of electricity and enable local manufacturing in developing nations ushering in a global industrial and energy revolution. The emergence of the ancient Archimedes Lever as the world’s renewable energy converter harvesting energy from all the descending water sources and tidal ranges globally will result in the retirement and disruption of combustion energy conversion on this earth. This may just be the beginning for applications of the ancient lever as a green energy converter. To quote Nicola Tesla over 100 years ago, “The universal use of waterpower and its transmission will supply electricity to all people and dispense with the burning of fuel.”

International patent applications WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) WO/2021/067566 and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) PCT/US2020/05375 are now published.  Attorney Howard Wernow of Akron/Canton is my patent attorney.

Nepal hydroelectric company RIDI Hydro, Uganda company Global Renewable Energy Engineering, South African company PV Africa PTY LTD, have entered into a licensing memorandum of understanding (MOU). PHILRECA (Philippine Rural Electricity Cooperative Association) and a major hydropower manufacturer in India are in discussions to develop this technology.

One of the oldest inventor societies, the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS), has requested that this US Waterpower Technology Disruptor be featured in their upcoming virtual National Inventors Week during November 15-17. Because this is first and foremost an American invention and I am an Ohioan, I prefer that Ohio leadership represent our country virtually with an impressive production.

Currently, I am in discussions with Youngstown State University for academic affiliation and was offered scientific engineering support by KGS Engineering Consultants of Canada and the USA.  

Nepal is a 100% hydroelectric country and has submitted a national irrigation system to be the first working prototype of this ancient energy converter. BENECO of the Philippines submitted a 20MWh run-of-river hydro project to utilize this system.  A confidential major hydro turbine manufacturer in India is forming a new company to develop manufacturing with licensing of this technology.

Alas! I believe it should be Ohio of the USA to first develop the working prototype. I sent an email to President Tressel of Youngstown State University referring to the mandate for universities and cities to transition to green electricity. My proposal is that we develop the world’s first free energy machine at McKelvey Lake or Meander Reservoir. This technology will not physically touch the dams and only intake and discharge into the watercourse making it a very natural technology. Youngstown State University and the City of Youngstown will generate and purchase their own power. Ohio will once again be the leader in breakthrough innovation and manufacturing and be the leader of a global industrial energy revolution.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ronald S. Eiselstein

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