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Good samaritan rewards ‘trike’ driver who donated his P200 daily income


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DESPITE the covid19 pandemic we can still hear stories of heroism and of being good samaritans to other people in need.

This is the story shared to us by Businessman Joshua Calderon, a young and dynamic new man of the masses.

When Mr Calderon heard of the act of generosity of a ‘trisikad’ driver, who donated his P200 income to the family of a man who committed suicide due to massive poverty, Joshua’s heart was touched and he decided to help Hamlin Hipolito, 55, a ‘trisikad’ driver of Barangay Gusa, this city. 

Do you want to know what he did?

The businessman bought a ‘trisikad’ worth P13,000 for Hipolito as his reward to the poor man’s rare act of generosity, that despite being poor and struggling, he donated his daily income to those he felt needed the help – more than him.

Joecals as fondly called by friends and associates, also gave Hipolito some cash and 1 sack of rice. “Mas mokita si Hamlin kung siya na mismo ang tag iya sa sikad,” Joecals told MDN in an exclusive interview.

He said he felt how hard it is to be like the ‘trisikad’ driver as he himself and his father was a trisikad driver back then in Molave, Zamboanga many years ago.

“Nasulayan nato kini nga trabaho ug kabalo kita nga dili sayon. Kanang P200 nga kita sa tibook adlaw nana nimong kayod ug grabe kakapoy nga trabaho ang padyak driver,” the businessman said.


New Man of the Masses. Businessman Joshua Calderon is the man to watch as his health and wellness business propels a new wave by conquering the Asian and US markets. – Photo credit to owner.


REMEMBER the trike driver who donated his P200 daily income to the family of a resident in Barangay Canitoan, who committed suicide due to massive poverty?

His name is Hamlin Hipolito, 55, and a resident of Barangay Gusa, this city. All his life was focused on driving a ‘trisikad’ merely to support the food needs of his family.

Hipolito’s daily life is on the streets of Cagayan de Oro, maneuvering his rented ‘trisikad’, as for him, this is his only means he could do at the moment to keep the family’s surviving life. In short, he is contented with his job, so long as he feed his family from the ‘sweat and blood’ of driving, ferrying passengers, under the heat of the sun.

Until he heard about this poorest of the poor resident of Barangay Canitoan who committed suicide due to too much frustration.

“Gibati nako ang kalooy sir sa pamilya nga namatyan busa ako mianhi sa inyong radio station (Magnum Radio) para i-donate ang akong kinitaan nga P200 tutal naa pamay bugas nga akong nadawat sa mga hinabang,” the trisikad driver told Manny Agustero who anchored the morning radio program. 

Without hesitation, Hipolito said, he willingly donated his meager income of P200. In fact, the following day, he has not driven his rented ‘trisikad’ as he failed to pay his rental. “Nadala gyud ko sa kalooy sir sa pamilya sa namatyan busa wala na gani ko makaabang sa sikad ug wala nako maka-drive pa sa pagkasunod adlaw,” Hipolito narrated.


Unexpectedly, blessings came without Hamlin’s knowledge.

The following morning during Magnum Manny’s same radio program “Rapido” a few kind-hearted businessmen in the city overheard of the trisikad driver’s act of generosity even when their own family is also struggling to live a daily life.

The businessmen called on the radio broadcaster and pledge to donate money to Hamlin Hipolito, the trisikad driver. The businessmen said they want to reward Hipolito for his rare kind of generosity – that despite being among the poorest of the poor he has decided to donate his daily income to the family of the man who took his own life.

One businessman gave P2000 and the other gave P3000. But surprisingly, another businessman, Joshua Calderon, pledge to buy Hipolito his own ‘trisikad’ to increase his take home income everyday. Calderon also gave a sack of rice and some money to the trisikad driver.    

“Wala ko magdahom nga ingon ani ang gibalos sa ginoo. Ang ako lang makatabang sa uban naglisod bisan paman usab sa akong kapobrehon,” Hipolito explained.

Meanwhile, Broadcaster Manny Agusterio said he was also kind of shocked as he never asked his listeners to help Hipolito but instead he only helped the family of the man who took his own life due to massive poverty.

“Natingala kita kay wala man kita nangayo ug hinabang para sa trisikad driver apan adunay pipila ka businessman nga naantig sa gipakitang kabuotan ni manong Hipolito nga bisan paman sa kapobrehon nakaako pa siya pag share sa maomao nyang kinitaan,” Agustero said.

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