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Ghost Month Feng Shui

Globally, many are now aware and beware of Chinese Ghost Month! Are you?
For the layperson, follower of feng shui or not, here are the customary tips on what not to do:
* Never answer a suitor or propose during the period lest you will need an exorcist for your relationship.
* Same with marriage, no weddings too.
* For illicit lovers, never check into motels or any secret hideaway lest both of you or one of you gets possessed!
*Delay, postpone investments until after ghost month.
*Comparison shopping as well as window shopping is the only recourse.
*Antedate or Postdate or Delay major deals, contracts as a remedy.
*Never open new business, launch a new project/product.
*Postpone hiring new employees!
*No renovations, expansions or demolitions in premises.
*No moving into new office yet.
*Not a good period for new equipment purchase inclusive of vehicles.
*Do not launch or declare candidacy during the period!
*Avoid, delay or postpone invites for coalition or joining any other candidate in tandem or political party.
*Same as Business abovementioned.
*Do not exhibit paintings of clothes with no one wearing it.
*Remove any open umbrella decor.
*Not a good time for initiating annulment or legal separation or divorce!
*Never visit the sick, hospital.
*Avoid funerals, burials, going to cemetery, columbary, temples or church with buried dead.
By observing the above, you avoid Hungry Ghosts who want to take the better off you as they say, instead of a finger, an arm and a leg! So lie low in your personal goals lest you be swindled or taken advantaged of!
These simple avoidance remedies are best shared with your friends and fellow home occupants for efficiency and effectiveness.
Happy Ghost Month everybody! Awoooooooo! This year on Chinese calendar its August 2 to 29 but you will be best advised to take precaution beginning July 17th! And for the feng shui esoterically educated, do not forget what you have learned too well — it is now time for feng shui maintenance to manage the yearly navigation of luck, health and prosperity at home and at work! Awooo!

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