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Get your geometric tattoo appointment with Green Ink Tattoo

FOR your geometric tattoo desires, get your appointment now with Green Ink Tattoo. Call them at 09062970901 to schedule your timeslot for the actual tattoo session. Prior to the session, tattoo artists Florence and Astrid will guide you on which designs suit your wishes.

The duo Florence and Astrid (who have been running Green Ink Tattoo since 2013) are specializing on the subgenre geometric tattoo. Geometric tattoo styles are characterized by their use of shapes and patterns that are precise, symmetrical and often inspired by mathematical and geometric principles. These tattoos are typically in black and grey and feature bold lines, geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, squares and intricate patterns.

Located along the corner of Pabayo and Gaerlan streets, this city, Green Ink Tattoo has been specializing in geometric tattoo since 2013. To catch a glimpse of their original works, please visit their Facebook page Green Ink Tattoo. You may even chat with Florence and Astrid via Messenger on that page so you can decide on which design best suits you.

Green Ink Tattoo – specializing on detailed small piece dotwork tattoos!

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