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Garbage on trees in Tagoloan

During my vacation in Cagayan de Oro, I went to nearby Tagoloan town, Misamis Oriental and saw some things hanging on the trees.

Curious, I stopped by and checked out the trees. I was about to touch one when I felt something bad then it dawned on me that it wasn't fruit but garbage that hung on the trees.

“Oh my God,” my grandson Christian said on seeing the garbage that hung on many trees. I asked my son-in-law Joseph why there's garbage hanging on the trees and he said no one bothered to collect them.

I recalled having talked about the garbage problem in the 2016 elections and how it is a political issue. When I went home to Tagoloan town two years ago the garbage was picked up and brought near the market.

People paid P100 to drivers to pick up their garbage which they collected thrice a week. At the time, I told my family to segregate their garbage to make it easier for the traysikad or pedicab driver to collect. 

Two years later and the garbage problem in Tagoloan town got worse. Many people burn their garbage which isn't good since it emits carbon gases that are harmful to health and the environment.

If I remember correctly I once talked about how Natumolan Barangay Captain Enan Sabio of Tagoloan town facilitated the collection of garbage in his area and had it dumped at a dumpsite in Villanueva town with permission from Rep. Juliet Uy. 

Last I heard the dumpsite is filled to capacity and garbage collection had stopped in Natumoloan. I cannot blame Captain Sabio for this as he used his cousin's trucks to collect the garbage. 

I don't know if other barangays experienced the same problem. Even then, garbage is a simple problem that can be resolved if the officials and stakeholders put their minds to it.

Other local governments prioritize resolving the garbage problem and Vice Mayor Sabio should do the same. Funds should be allocated for equipment and salaries of collectors, drivers and other personnel.

And garbage should be collected from everyone within the community regardless of their political affiliation. I doubt if Tagoloan officials are doing something about the garbage problem based on the garbage I saw hanging on the trees.

What happened to the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act and other related laws? Is the Tagoloan municipal government aware of it or are feigning ignorance to avoid implementing these laws?

I must admit I have not interviewed the local officials to get their side on it. If they are interested to answer, no need to answer me. Just collect the trash from households and from their trees.

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