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From the Heart of Bukidnon to Uptown CdO

On a recent business trip I travelled to Bukidnon to visit Malaybalay, Valencia and Maramag. The region has an incredible natural beauty and fortunately the human species there has been able to maintain most of its natural beauty and natural resources. You could really see all the existing and potential riches with the various fruit and vegetable farming enterprises, cattle ranches, light industry and food processing facilities.

In Italy for example, in the 60's, we developed and promoted the Cooperative system to incentive the farmers to gather together and form truly financiable entities that could then take out loans, afford buying machineries and build storage facilities. This cooperative development system is now one of the most renowned agri development success models worldwide and several governments are sending study groups to Italy to learn how it works and to replicate this program in their respective countries. I believe, to a certain extend, this is also already happening in Bukidnon.

All the people from the heart of Bukidnon that I met, especially from Valencia and Maramag, are telling me that they still have to refer to the regional capitals for their trades and their financial transactions. Cagayan de Oro is the undisputed administrative and commercial capital of Northern Mindanao. The Romans used to say that “all roads lead to Rome” and so we can also say that “all roads lead to CdO”. With the road safety drastically improving and infrastructure projects moving forward at high pace connecting Bukidnon to Cagayan de Oro it has been one of the governments priorities to facilitate the transportation of the agricultural produce from the production areas in Bukidnon to the local port in CdO and to Laguindingan airport.

Cold storage facilities are sprouted near the port area to welcome for storage at least some of all that produce. From Cagayan de Oro to reach Malaybalay there is the road from Puerto passing through Manolo Fortich, also the way to escape to Dahilayan. On the other hand travelling from Valencia or amag one can use the shorter road leading to Talakag and then to Uptown CdO and it takes just 2 hours and a half which is amazing. Uptown becomes a really the best connected area of the city in Cagayan de Oro also considering the Opol – Canitoan Diversion road. No wonder many businessmen and entrepreneurs from Bukidnon and from Western MisOr and Misamis Occidental buy a second home in Uptown Cagayan de Oro so they can safely handle their affairs in the city while the family is going shopping at the malls. In the same way many students from Bukidnon decide to attend university or college in CdO.

Buying a condo is certainly more convenient and less problematic than buying a house and lot. Once you lock the door you can plan to come back weeks or months later and still find it the way you left it with the added value of security and property management services. As for the people from Bukidnon they surely have a special relationship with nature and green living and the natural choice for them is a property that enhances this spirit and respects the flow of nature and the environment. In fact it is very lucky that some of the developers are building green and sustainable condominium projects just in uptown CdO where, apart from the great views and lush greens, there is everything one would expect from city living in style. What a great way to own a second home in the city.

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