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Food Shui

Foodie luck? Yes, there is such in feng shui!
After reading this expose, you will surely change your eating habits for the best of good luck, wealth and health.
Shall I continue? Take for example, the Filipino dish called dinuguan or Pork Blood Stew with intestines is recommended by Chinese bosses working in polluted factory to protect the immunity of their lungs?
Or in this age of food supplements it’s best to acquaint yourself with the famous Japanese biopharmaceutical success of the 60s til now which is Squalene dog shark liver oil? Why? It brings oxygen direct to every cell of the body.
Yes even to your biggest sex organ! Not what you have in mind. Wrong! It’s the brain!!!
It also beautifies your biggest organ, the skin into youthfulness. Yes, all skin.
Smiling? Also discover the next Japanese biotech hit: it’s COQ10 the vitamin of the heart muscles let alone every energy generator of every human cell the mitochondria!
These two wonderful food supplements are available over the counter or online.
But to enhance our good luck, shall I continue?
Beyond say, goat or lamb meat as natural Viagra for luck in love making life, you may partake of Chinese soup no. 5 (bull), 7 (horse) or 9 (snake). Or monkey brain! But you may become tiny! Pun intended to tickle your palates. Dog meat in cold countries have the same benefits. Just mix with pineapple to prevent inflammation!
Duck or goose makes for amorous fidelity dopamine high in the head, for guys, both!
But you know what’s the simple Feng Shui to harness luck and double prosperity? Tadahhh..
It’s a full mirror reflecting the dining table to visually and symbolically double the food on the table so to speak! Law of attractions my friends!
Remember it’s the quality of thought that determine the luckiness of what you eat and yes, drink!
So foodie Food Shui!?? Yes! You can thought it and start with your very next meal and succeeding ones for the rest of your life! Bon lucky eats!

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