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Fluke Shui

Yes there is fluke Feng Shui and it deserves to be called fluke Shui!
Fluke means tsamba or unintentionally correct Feng Shui whether done with or without Feng Shui knowledge or skills!
In what instances for instance?
Okay say you want to be a Playboy or Playgirl or nowadays metroplay LGBT regardless of which comfort room or toilet you use standing or sitting, you bought a deadeand lot or condo unit. That’s a right Feng Shui choice as it will fulfill your relationship goals in making love only forever til death or illness forbids!
Another instance is buying a dragon or Buddha belly lot that can make you a multimillionaire in less time imagined!
Or putting a water feature to the left of your house as you enter to get the driver or Yaya of your sexual fantasies like a president of the Philippines example not in lucid intervals but for real.
Or pass the bar Exams to be a lawyer by studying with back to Southwest or vice versa.
Or fulfillment of a wife’s pregnancy wish by merely pushing a bed in the right direction!
Or making a big sale by unintentionally wearing the right underwear.
All things that lead to your being at the right place and time enabling you to achieve a goal or dream, can be fluke Shui if done without Feng Shui!
The best is winning a national election just because your cooking appliances were incidentally placed rightly even without knowing it’s excellent Feng Shui!
For gentlemen, when choosing a fluke seat in a bar attracts pick up girls of your whetted dreams. Or ladies when your dress leads you to your fantasy dance instructor on the dancefloor!
Let alone when you flukely take that luckiest Feng Shui seat for you at the slot machine or gaming table in a casino for your dream win.
Yes Virginia and any Tom, Dick and Harry, mostly Ducks! Yes fluke Feng Shui is true. So try and try until you die a cceeding! Good luck!

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