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Fengshuinomics of the Nation!

So The Economy Slowed Down? On an election year? Bad luck or missed fortunes, this is unbelievable. Shall I continue? Where did the stats lie???
White envelopes ran out of stock last elections, elections spending from vote or pcos machine vying in the black markets had a robust underground economy! Is it because it’s underground that stats failed to account for its GNP spike contribution margins with gross investment multiplier effects?
Imagine the money supply in circulation due to POGO islands developments, real estate rentals due to POGO, elections with losing mayoral candidates throwing away minimum of a hundred million pesos let alone party lists “investing” to the tunes of 150-290 million pesos for at least a seat in Congress. Just imagine how much “lobby” campaign monies circulated for the Speakership “pintakasi”derby.
And imagine there is heaven if indeed foreign campaign donations flowed to support Manchurian candidates for national and Speakership sluts rather, slots. Imaginary accounts or material, GNP still slumps?
Something is awry if not fishy? Let us take things at face value? Now comes the Central Bank showing its powers over the economy with interest cuts. What good Feng Shui in this policy move? Can it curb inflation or spike it more?
Sure it increases money supply. On top of elections incremental money supply? If so what is net effect? Are policymakers signalling us more prosperity ahead or more bubble making?
One thing can be surmised, it can make available cheaper funding for government borrowings in support of newly approved 2020 budget. The bottom line for The Filipino People? Your analysis is as bad as mine. This is where bad Feng Shui lies in truth!
Fengshuinomics of regulatory captures is what makes the economy grow. As to economic development it is another topic like changing topics as not to involve the Good Lord in the death penalty debate in legislation!
No matter what, it won’t matter if the economy is black or white so long as like a cat it catches mice? At the end of each day fengshuinomics is all about every Juan de la Cruz bring home the rice for the family! Get the point your honors? Hopefully the Central Bank, Neda and Powers that Be, Manchurian or not understand luck for the people let alone the masses in their daily grind!

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