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ECO-SPIRITUALITY:  Imperative Call of the Times

Kim’s Dream Orlan Ravanera

Let Us Regain Back Our Ancient Bond with Nature

Humanity is now in the precipice of its 6th extinction. As attested by thousands of concerned scientists world-wide, we are now “one-minute before midnight,” as life on earth will either end through nuclear war or through environmental catastrophe. Climate change has indeed worsened, manifesting the painful truism that the threat of ecological disasters is not just an ecological problem but glaringly a human problem as well. Amidst the world of abundance, some one billion people on earth are hungry including some 12 million Filipinos living in hunger and extreme poverty. Why is this so? Well, not only have we lost our ecological integrity and security after having decimated the 17 million hectares of dipterocarp forest and putting to extinction billions of species of flora and fauna. But our agricultural lands have been eliminated as well. Look at Mindanao. Some 70% of its blessed land has been transformed into massive plantations, oozing with high value fruits to satisfy the consumerist needs of the people in advanced countries while we cannot even produce enough basic staples for our hungry people.   

Indeed, corporate globalization through neo-liberal capitalism has created gross inequities where the total wealth of one percent composed of some 1,000 corporations is far greater than the total assets of 7.2 billion people on earth; where the combined wealth of eight richest families in the United is greater than that of assets of some 3.6 billion people. These powerful corporations are now called the “architects of government policies,” the “masters of mankind and the universe.” Worse, humanity has been buried in unbridled materialism and consumerism where high veneration to the profit motive has captured the mindset of all governments, all institutions, all universities and even of religious groups. Indeed, sacred nature has been sacrificed to the altar of greed and profit which is based on the fallacies of life to maximize consumer goods and short-term profit.  

How can we save humanity from the doomsday clock of falling into the precipice of its 6th extinction? If we may recall, life on earth fell into the precipice of its 5th extinction some 65 million years ago when asteroids hit the earth that put to extinction the dinosaurs. This time, the 6th extinction is man-made as the homo-sapiens species is described as the most flawed of all of God’s creation, having caused the death of some 150 million co-human beings in the last century due to two world wars, the degradation of the eco-systems and the vanishment of fishery and marine life. The homo sapiens species is now causing the death of GAIA (Mother Earth) due to man-made climate change through the non-stop emissions of carbon dioxide now trapped in the atmosphere.

It is now dawning upon us that the only way to avert the environmental catastrophe is to change our way of life. We must now fully realize that the environmental crisis has been caused by our modern way of living which despite its considerable achievement is fatally flawed. Based on an in-depth analysis of well-known environmentalists world-wide, “We are beginning to realize that the way we live now, for all its manifold benefits, not only inhibits human flourishing but threatens our very survival. We must change not only our lifestyle but our whole belief system. Yes, we have ransacked nature, treating it as a mere resource because over the last 500 years, we have advanced a world view that is very different from that of our ancestors.”

To save humanity, it has become imperative not to maximize consumer goods and short-term profit but to MAXIMIZE OUR VALUES, to change fully our belief systems and to advance ECO-SPIRITUALITY to regain back our ancient bond with sacred nature. Eco-Spirituality is not a rejection of Christianity but a rejection of spiritual outlook that keeps us from seeing the natural world as a part of ourselves. Let us debunk FORM CONSCIOUSNESS as such is just transient but go the vast spaciousness, the FORMLESS. Only then can we connect with the Unseen Being, the Formless called God. As CONSCIOUSNESS, we must feel the ONENESS WITH THE UNIVERSE, the INTER-CONNECTIVITY with all life forms AND FEEL THE SACREDNESS OF NATURE. Such great leap forward will unfold our essential true higher being AS FORMLESS CONSCIOUSNESS SPIRITUAL BEING LIVING IN THE NOW, FREE FROM THE CONTROL OF THE EGO. 

In debunking the EGO which is the root cause of compulsive thinking and unconsciousness especially of egoic world leaders who are threatening to stage nuclear war, we will have inner peace and great stillness that “passeth all understanding.” Only then can we end suffering on earth, then leap-up to that TRANSCENDENTAL DIMENSION WHERE THE UNNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE GOVERNS. Such is the essence of Eco-Spirituality that brings to the fore the holiness of nature as manifested by the Western Inscription: 

“Heaven is my father and the earth is my mother and even such a small creature a I finds an intimate place in their midst. Therefore, that which fills the universe I regard as my body and that which directs the universe I consider as my nature.  All people are my brothers and sisters and all the things in nature are my companions.” 


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