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Dutertes and Marcoses

I can’t read what’s in the mind of the President and the presidential daughter in
regard their appalling subservience amounting to political slavery to the Marcoses.

President Duterte hardheadedly allowed the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand
Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani when the Supreme Court left it to him to decide for
such burial.

When at one time he expressed his desire to cut short his term, he made it clear he
could have done it so easily if only the late dictator’s namesake is his vice president.

Now that the midterm elections are fast approaching, even before the campaign
period could officially commence, primetime television is flooded with political ads where
presidential daughter Sara, the incumbent Davao City mayor, endorses the late dictator’s
eldest child, Imee, the incumbent governor of the Marcos family’s bailiwick Ilocos Norte.

Why the Duterte’s are staking so much of their political fortunes to ingratiate
themselves to the Marcoses is beyond me.

Yes, it’s true that the Duterte patriarch and even he himself were beneficiaries of the
late dictator’s political patronage. But should they be brazen in repaying the patronage they
enjoyed during the ruthless rule of Marcos?

Surely, it can’t yet be calculated what would be the impact of this displayed devotion
the Duterte’s have heaped on the Marcoses. One thing sure, however, it endears them to the
Marcos loyalists but alienates them from the anti-Marcos forces.

Will both camps just cancel each other out in the coming polls is definitely worth
watching. But will it up Sara’s chances of replacing her father in 2022 is something else.

When political interests collide, loyalties are hard to come by. The Marcoses for sure
have their own political agenda by 2022, an agenda that may run counter with that of Sara’s.
Astute as they are, the Marcoses will surely ensure they will not have any need for Sara by

Sara, however, like her father, needs the Marcoses if indeed she is eyeing to replace
her father. Her move at dividing Davao region’s loyal allies to her father by establishing her
Panaghugpong group may not sit well with her political intentions.

Many are betting that by 2022 Davao region will no longer be solid for any Duterte
seeking a national seat such as the presidency unlike in 2016 when it went all out for the
incumbent president.

Sadly, this is Sara’s own undoing. While she may command respect at this point, it is
mainly due to her being the presidential daughter. It is not something that she was able to
earn for herself.

Truth is her involvement in the ouster of her father’s loyal ally, Davao del Norte Rep.
Pantaleon Alvarez, from the speakership of the House of Representatives was a momentary
triumph for her. It’s long term impact, however, is that she proved herself lacking in political
EQ thus not worth respecting once her father becomes a lame duck president.

This is the political fate Sara carved for herself that she compounded by endorsing
the late dictator’s daughter’s bid for the Senate in the coming midterm elections.

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