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DepEd-10: We have opened classes very smoothly

“We can safely say that in Region 10 we have opened classes very smoothly, if there are any challenges, it would be the distribution of modules in very remote areas and conflict-affected areas.”

Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) of El Salvador City Dr. Alicia Anghay said they have exerted all their efforts to bolster blended learning initiatives and provide quality education to the learners in the region during the NorMin COVID-19 Response Task Force press conference, October 13.

To cater to learners in the hinterlands and conflict-affected areas, they have coordinated with remote local barangay officials to make barangay centers the place for the distribution and retrieval of learning modules, and in cases where the modules cannot be retrieved by the parents, she said the teachers will have to go to the area and give the modules to the learners in their respective households instead.

Anghay added that despite the initial doubts on their learning material’s integrity, they have not received any major reports about errors in their modules, which she attributes to the dry-runs and simulations they have been conducting before the start of classes and their error-revision system for its swift corrections.

“As of now the regional office has not received reports from their division offices if they have spotted errors in our self-learning modules, we have a Learning Resource (LR) tool where teachers may reflect their findings if they have spotted errors in their respective learning areas. These LR tools will be submitted to the division offices and will be consolidated by the division LR manager and submitted to the regional office,” she said.

Alongside their LR tool and DepEd’s Department Order 31 for the guidelines of assessment and grading in the new normal, DepEd-10 is also providing parents and students a self-monitoring tool, where the educator will obtain their learner’s current disposition and open a line of communication despite physical limitations.

When it comes to the well-being of students, parents, and educators at the start of the school-year, Anghay said DepEd-10 has close coordination with the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) to support stakeholders adapt to the new learning landscape.

Their webinars include “Think Before you Click, Understanding Cyberbullying,” October 17, “Using Social-Emotional Learning to Enhance Learner’s Mental Health,” October 23, and more.

Through its well-calculated and holistic approach in providing quality education in the region, DepEd-10 hopes to not only provide education to the learners here in the region during the opening of classes but also help mold a more mentally resilient and disciplined generation. (VPSB/PIA10

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