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Deaths Of Some Minors Linked To An Evil Suicide Game?

  • Parents are worried as kids nowadays use mobile phones frequently


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A number of minors are reportedly committing suicides after allegedly playing suicidal games on mobile phones.

The suspects who created this mobile phone app known as ‘Momo Challenge’ are still at large and the local and international police are also ‘facing a blank wall’ who these culprits really are.

Momo Challenge, according to reports, started in Mexico in 2016 and it easily spread all over the world thru the worldwide web otherwise known as the internet.

In the Philippines, the death by suicide of an eleven-year-old elementary pupil named John (not his real name), was also linked to the dangerous game called ‘Momo Challenge.”

Although there is no enough evidence that would link the kid’s death by suicide, but his mother revealed that prior to his son’s death he was able to check on John’s mobile phone and she learned that her son was exchanging suicidal games with his friends.

“During Valentine’s Day, my son has told me that one of his classmates inflicted harm on his body part by slicing his wrist with a sharp object,” his father also told the media in vernacular.

One newspaper even called the Momo Challenge an evil suicide game which is reportedly threatening children of killing their family and visiting them at night if they won’t complete a series of dangerous instructions from an anonymous person who identify himself as Momo on mobile phone apps

However, many parents believe that Momo Challenge was only a digital hoax involving a creepy doll with bulging eyes ordering children to do self-harm or else Momo will hurt their families.

In Argentina, warnings were issued by both the police and schools as this popular WhatsApp challenge has also reached United Kingdom.

Law enforcement agencies investigated the reported influence of Momo game involving a 12-year-old in Argentina. This probe even worried many parents of the real dangers it can pose to minors and small children who are now very dependent on mobile phones.

This dangerous game was also similar with the “Blue Whale Challenge which also became popular among children’s and gamers in 2017, as it allegedly resulted to the deaths of two American teenagers, including deaths also reported in Brazil, Russia and other countries of the world, including the Philippines.###

Source: Erwin Tulfo, CBS







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